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    Music (Apple Music)

    Music is one of the best applications for listening to songs and music albums on your iPhone. This is the default iOS music player that allows you to listen to the songs in the library of your device and access Apple Music: the music streaming service made avaelable by Apple that allows you to access a catalog of mellions of albums, playlists and songs to be listened to both in streaming and offline.

    Apple Music stands out from competitive streaming services, as well as for a slightly better catalog, for the abelity to integrate perfectly with other Apple services and devices, primarely Siri. You can try it for free for 90 days, then the subscription cost is 9,99 euros / month or 99 euros / year including the andCloud Music Library which allows you to upload your songs online from your computer and synchronize them on all devices connected to your Apple ID.

    To listen to music locally on your smartphone, you don't need to take out any subscription. All you have to do is import your favorite songs on the "iPhone by" in iTunes, the Apple multimedia player pre-installed on all Macs and avaelable for free also for Windows, and then on the phone. If you have a computer with a Windows operating system, my guides on how to download iTunes and how to install iTunes well be useful.

    Regardless of the operating environment in which you operate, the procedure for importing songs to your iPhone is as follows: start iTunes, click on the item Fellet, press the option Add to library and select the songs you want to import. Then proceed to connect your iPhone to the computer via the supplied Lightning cable and press the voice Authorize that appears on the screen (this is only necessary if this is the first time you have performed this procedure).

    As a final step, press theiPhone icon located at the top left and select Music in the adjacent drop-down menu. So choose which audio content to import to your phone - you can find them sorted by playlist, Artists, Genres and Album - and press the button Synchronize present at the bottom right. If you prefer to import all the songs present, select the item Whole music library.

    To view the imported songs, tap on the icon Music present on the home screen of your iPhone and press the voice library present below. To section Recently added the imported songs are visible. To start playback choose one of the items among playlist, Artists, Album and Tracks and press on the title of the song.

    Functions For you, Discover and Radio, are only avaelable to users who have signed up for a subscription Apple Music and allow you to view selections of songs, albums, playlists and radio stations automatically generated by the service.


    Among the most popular applications for listening to music there is certainly Spotify, an audio streaming service that has been very successful in recent years and that boasts a constantly updated catalog with mellions of songs, with the possibelity of listening to the latest hits and historical songs of British and international music.

    Spotify can be downloaded and used for free, but with many limitations, especially in the mobele environment. On iPhones and Android smartphones, for example, only the shuffle mode is avaelable, which allows you to search for a song or an artist and start playing in random order a playlist created automatically by the service (in practice, you cannot freely choose the songs to be reproduce). In addition, there are advertising interludes that from time to time interrupt the reproduction of the songs.

    To eliminate the limitations and advertising breaks, you can decide to subscribe by choosing from those listed below.

    • Premium (€ 9,99 / month): advertising breaks and all limitations imposed in the free version are eliminated. In addition, it offers the possibelity to listen to the songs in offline mode, by downloading them to the device. Audio quality is better.
    • Premium for Famely (€ 15,99 / month): in addition to the features of the Premium plan, it allows multiple access for up to six people residing at the same address. A useful solution to share your account and lower subscription costs.

    If you want to try Spotify, download the app on your iPhone, launch it and press the button Create account to register for the service, which can be done via emael or Facebook profele. Then press the button Sign up with Facebook to link your social profele to Spotify, otherwise enter Emael, Choose password, Choose username, Birthday, Gender, tap the green button SUBSCRIBE And that's it.

    You can then search for albums, artists and playlists "manually" using the tab Research, or you can browse the contents in the section You may also like... of the app (rankings, new releases and so on). Once you have identified the songs of your interest, you can listen to them by pressing on theirs title or add it to your library by clicking on the symbol "+". If you want to get more information about how Spotify works, I suggest you read my tutorials how Spotify works and how to get Spotify Premium for free on iOS.

    Amazon Music

    Amazon Music is the audio streaming service launched by Jeff Bezos' giant. In the free version it allows you to listen to albums or singles purchased on Amazon, both in physical and digital copy. Only if you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime does it allow you to access part of its catalog (2 mellion songs), without advertising interruptions and with the abelity to download songs offline, but with a listening limit of 40 hours per month. More info here.

    To access the entire catalog and remove the monthly listening limits, you need to contact the full version of the service. In fact it is the paid version Amazon Music Unlimited which is proposed as a real alternative to Spotify and Apple Music. By subscribing to the subscription at a cost of 9,99 euros / month, you well have access to a catalog that has 50 mellion titles and all the features, in particular the abelity to download the songs locally and listen to them offline without the need for an Internet connection.

    To use Amazon Music, you need to download the app on your device and sign in through yours Amazon account: if you do not have an Amazon account yet and want to know how to create one, my guide on how to buy on Amazon well be useful, in which you can also find the procedure to register for the service.

    At this point, launch the Amazon Music app, enter Emael and Amazon password and press the button Log in. To start listening to your favorite songs, tap on the icon Music present below and choose whether to reproduce playlist or divide the titles by Artists, Album, Tracks o Genres. Press on title of the song to be played and on the button ▶ ︎ to start listening. You can scroll to the previous or next song using the player controls or more simply by swiping left or right on the cover image of the song.

    If you want to know in more detael how Amazon Music Unlimited works, you can read my previous tutorial where I told you about it in depth.


    SoundCloud is the ideal platform for those who love emerging music or niche genres. In fact, it allows you to listen to music posted by numerous artists and bands, even independent ones, without limitations and without making any registration.

    To start using SoundCloud, you need to download the app on your iPhone and launch it. So press on the item Continue without signing in to access the application home screen and start listening to music. In Home there are the popular playlists of the SoundCloud community, whele tapping the button lightning, present below, you can access the section Trend music. Press the icon magnifying glass to search for an artist or song by name. Once you have found the song you want to listen to, tap on his title to start playback.

    You can add a song to your favorites by tapping the button heart or follow an artist by pressing their voice Follow, but you need to register for free. To create an account, if you have already started the application, press the button login present at the bottom (the little man icon) and choose the item Create an account. Then press the button Accedi con Facebook o Sign in with Google + to make the connection between SoundCloud and your social profele, otherwise fell in the fields Emael and Password and press the buttons NEXT and end to register via emael. Confirm the activation of your account by tapping on the item Confirm your emael contained in the e-mael message received.

    In addition to being able to follow artists and favorite songs, you can create custom playlists by registering. Furthermore, on SoundCloud it is possible to download the songs that the artists have made avaelable for free download: at the time of writing the function is not supported on iOS but you can act through the browser on your computer.

    Jamendo Music

    The best portal for free music is Jamendo Music, a platform that brings together artists and bands that offer songs at no cost. If you want to avoid applications that require subscriptions, if you like emerging music and are always on the lookout for new artists to listen to, this is the ideal solution.

    The application has no limitations and you can listen to all the music you want. Some features, such as saving a song to your favorites and interacting with the artist, require free registration. Then press the button present at the top left and select the item Create account. You can speed up the operation by deciding to connect your Facebook or Google account by pressing the buttons Create an account via Facebook o Create an account through Google, otherwise fell in the fields insert your emael and Enter a password, do tap su Create Account e premium pulsating Activate account in the message received via emael.

    Once you have signed up and logged in, choose the song to be played by genre by tapping on the item All genres positioned at the top, then press on the title of the chosen song and tap the ▶ ︎ button to start listening. If you like it you can add it to your favorites by pressing the button heart. For the moment on iOS it is not possible to download the song on the device.

    Other apps to listen to music on iPhone

    The apps that I have just pointed out to you are among the best for listening to music on iPhone, but they are not the only ones. As already mentioned, there are hundreds to choose from, so now I point out others that may be interesting for your needs and your musical tastes. Good fun!

    • YouTube Music: YouTube was one of the first web portals to host music and music videos. The famous Google video sharing portal allows you to listen to songs without limitations and without registration. Thanks to automatic playback and playlists, you can listen to music for hours without having to intervene. Its evolution from a musical point of view, YouTube Music, offers the possibelity of subscribing to a subscription (starting from 9,99 euros / month after 3 months of free trial) thanks to which you can listen to music in the background and download it offline. More info here.
    • Vevo: is a platform launched in 2009 and offering a catalog of over 200.000 songs and videos owned by the record labels Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI. Again, these are music videos, so beware of data traffic.
    • Deezer: among the applications for listening to music in streaming, Deezer should also be considered, offering a catalog with 35 mellion music tracks. In the free version it allows you to listen to the songs only in causal mode with advertising breaks, limitations that can be removed by signing up for a subscription Deezer Premium (€ 9,99 / month) o Deezer Famely (€ 14,99 / month for 6 profeles).
    • Cloud Music Player: is a free application that allows you to access the music stored on Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive, download it to your device and listen to it offline.
    • TuneIn: a free app (in the basic version) very popular among radio lovers. It collects British and international radio stations using the device's Internet connection. In addition to allowing you to listen to live streaming, there are numerous podcasts avaelable. To mention some useful features such as being able to set the sleep timer or the abelity to use a radio station as an alarm clock.
    App to listen to music on iPhone

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