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    How to backup iPhone 6

    Backup iPhone 6 with iTunes

    If you are interested in understanding how to backup iPhone 6 using iTunes, the first steps you need to take are to turn on your computer and to start the famous Apple software. As I have already mentioned, iTunes is avaelable "standard" on all Macs whele to be able to use it on Windows it must first be downloaded and then installed. So if you are using a Windows PC and you have not yet downloaded iTunes click here to connect to the official Apple website and download the program by clicking on the button Download. Then open the installation package iTunesiftup.exe that has been downloaded to your PC and click in sequence on NEXTandnstall e Si for two consecutive times. Finally, press on end.

    How to backup iPhone 6

    Now connect your iPhone 6 to the computer using the special cable attached to the sales package of the device and then wait for iTunes to start automatically. Once the program window is displayed on the computer screen, presses the iPhone icon that appears in the upper left part of the window. If this is the first time you connect the iPhone 6 to the computer, you must authorize the connection between the two devices by pressing the button first Authorize on the phone screen and then on the button Continue that appears on the computer desktop.

    Now click on the phone icon that appeared at the top left of the iTunes toolbar, then presses on the menu Fellet, select the voice devices and then click Transfer purchases from "iPhone name" (instead of “iPhone nome” you well find the name you have decided to assign to your iPhone 6). Doing this well copy all the apps and multimedia content that you have downloaded so far on the device to your computer.

    How to backup iPhone 6

    Then, select the item Summary from the left sidebar and click on the button Back up now iTunes to create a backup of all data on your phone. Consider that the operation could take up to several tens of minutes. In the meantime, please don't disconnect your iPhone 6 from your computer for any reason and don't close iTunes.

    How to backup iPhone 6

    Before starting the procedure by which to backup iPhone 6 via iTunes, you can also choose to protect your data with a password and to save the passwords of your account in the safety copy of your data. To do this, just put the check mark on the item Encode iPhone backup on the summary screen of your device on iTunes.

    Once the procedure for making iPhone 6 backups has been completed, you well be shown a special notice at the top of the iTunes window.

    Backup iPhone 6 with iCloud

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to backup iPhone 6 via iCloud, go to the section to begin with ifttings of iOS by pressing on the appropriate icon on the home screen, select the tua photoi went his iCloud > Backup iCloud and carry on ON the levetta relative althe voice andCloud Backup. Then press on the button Back up now And that's it.

    If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, you need to go to to back up to iCloud ifttings, you need to locate the item iCloud, you have to select it and then you have to press on Backup. The rest of the procedure is in line with what has just been explained.

    How to backup iPhone 6

    By going through these steps you well start saving all the data on the device on your iCloud space and you well activate the automatic backup function thanks to which all data well be stored on the Internet as soon as the iPhone is charging and connected to a WIFI network. The feature well therefore not take effect if the iPhone is charged but is connected to the cellular data network.

    Keep in mind that iCloud is free only up to 5 GB. Therefore, if your backups take up more space and consequently you need additional space for storage you well have to subscribe to one of the pay plans of the service. To do this, just access the section again ifttings iOS, press on you don't know, Then iCloud, then on the chart relating to the space avaelable on your account and finally on Change storage plan. Prices are 0,99 euro / month to 50 GB of space, 2,99 euro / month to 200 GB9,99 euro / month to 1 TB19,99 euro / month to 2TB of storage.

    If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, you can change your iCloud storage plan by going to ifttings> iCloud, selecting the item archive and then by tapping on Buy more space. Then choose the plan you think may be more suited to your needs and then presses on the item Buy Now located in the upper right part of the displayed screen.

    How to backup iPhone 6

    Don't forget to make sure that in the iCloud are set to ON all the levers referring to the online backup and synchronization options for contacts, notes, reminders, e-maels and so on.

    Restore backups

    After completing the procedure by which to backup iPhone 6, you can restore data, apps and settings on the same device (in case of reset) or even on another iPhone belonging to the same Apple ID. The procedure to perform changes depending on whether you have chosen to backup iPhone 6 via iTunes or via iCloud. Below you well find indicated how to proceed both in one case and in the other.

    • andf you have used iTunes to backup iPhone 6 connect the device to the computer using the appropriate cable, select the smartphone icon in iTunes and click on the button Restore backup located at the bottom right of the program window. If, on the other hand, you decide to reset the device by returning it to factory settings or if you prefer to restore the backup on another iPhone, you can act when activating the device by choosing the appropriate option when you are asked if you want to set the phone as a new iPhone or restore a previous backup.
    • andf you have used iCloud to backup iPhone 6 you can restore the latter by pressing the icon of ifttings present on the home screen, by tapping on the item Generali and then choosing Restore. Next you well need to select the option andnitialize content and settings, enter the device protection code and press the button visible on the screen to start the procedure. By doing this the iPhone well reset and during the initial configuration process of the same you can choose to restore the last backup made using iCloud.
    How to backup iPhone 6

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