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Block calls on iPhone

As I already mentioned to you in the previous lines, the simplest method for block unknown numbers on iPhone is to use the functionality Do not disturb, integrated in iOS: mainly, it is designed to avoid receiving calls, SMS and notifications under certain conditions, however it can be "readjusted" to allow the reception of events only by the numbers in the address book, blocking everything else .

How? Simple as that: First, tap the button ifttings located on the iPhone Home screen, tap the item Do not disturb and move up ON l'interruttore Do not disturb located on the next screen. At this point, you simply have to configure the "Do not disturb" mode to allow the reception of calls only from the numbers saved in the phonebook.

Stell on the Do Not Disturb screen, tap the item Everlasting placed in the box selent to make a check mark appear in its correspondence, then tap on the item Allow calls from, resident in the box Telephone and, once in the new screen, touch the item All contacts to limit the reception of incoming calls to only the numbers in the directory.

To conclude, tap on the pulsating < located at the top left, so as to return to the previous screen. From this moment on, your iPhone well automatically block all calls coming from numbers not in the address book.

Once the mode is properly configured Do not disturb, you can quickly activate it via the Control Center iOS: to do this, invoke the latter by swiping with your finger from the top right corner of the screen downwards (or, if you have an iPhone model older than the X, swiping your finger from the bottom of the screen towards the top), make a long tap on the icon in the shape of mezza moon and, in the selection panel that appears, select the option that best suits your needs, choosing to activate Do Not Disturb mode for one houruntel I leave hereuntel tonight or to a specific Schedule. Easy, right?

App to block unknown numbers on iPhone

Aren't you going to block all the numbers that are absent from your address book because, for various reasons, you could receive even important calls from unknown contacts? Then you could rely on some Whatsapp able to carry out a more selective skimming, blocking only known numbers of spammers and telemarketers, which they tend to call constantly. In this way, you well have the opportunity to get rid of these annoyances, without however blocking calls from potential “harmless” users in the bud: I'll explain how to do it below.


The first app I intend to bring to your attention is Truecaller, avaelable for free on the App Store: it allows, in a few taps, to identify (and exclude) calls from spammers and telemarketing companies (such as "harassing" call centers that make calls continuously).

Once installed on the iPhone, presses on its icon located on the Home screen, indicates the Country where you reside (eg. andtaly) and yours telephone number, essential to complete the registration. Once this operation is complete, tap the button Start and confirms adherence to the terms of use of the program by pressing on the voice Accetta and continue. Keep in mind that, in order to work, Truecaller requires the user to share their number with the service's public directory, then makes the contact detaels traceable by all other people who use the app.

Once the profele creation is complete, press the button twice Allow in order to grant the app the permissions necessary for its operation. In the meantime, you should have received an SMS containing a code of confirmation, on the phone number specified above: write down that code and enter it, when prompted, in the app. Next, enter yours name and yours last name in the required fields (the address e-mael instead it is optional), presses the button NEXT and indicates how to manage advertisements within the app, by pressing the button YesNo, according to your needs.

Before even confirming the creation of the account, check that the option Who can have my contacts is set to Requests only: otherwise, the contacts well be visible to everyone. Finally, update the database with the numbers of unwelcome contacts (annoying) pressing the appropriate button.

Once the configuration phase is complete, you simply have to activate the app in the system menu of the iPhone, so as to immediately start intercepting calls from numbers of potential spammers: then open the ifttings of the "iPhone by" pressing the appropriate icon, go to the menu Telephone and play the voice Call blocking and identification, then move up On the stalk at Truecaller.

At this point, to activate the automatic block, all you have to do is add the list of unwanted contacts generated by Truecaller to the iPhone: press the button Block contact, select the contact BORER and that's it: your calls well be blocked automatically! Remember, however, to update the database of numbers to be blocked from time to time by selecting the tab Unwanted IDs Truecaller and pressing the button Check for updates.

If you don't find the contact BORER, start Truecaller, access the menu More> ifttings> TrueCaller's biggest bother and move up On the lever relating to functionality Save as contact to create it, by subsequently pressing the button Allow to agree on the access permissions to the iOS address book to the app.

Please note: if you decide not to use Truecaller anymore, before uninstalling the app, deactivate your account by going to the tab Home, pressing the icon oflittle man located at the top left and selecting the items ifttings> Privacy Center> Deactivate Account from the menu that opens. Once this is done, remove your number from Truecaller's public database by visiting this webpage.

Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup

Another app that you can use to not receive calls from unknown numbers and annoying ones is Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup, also downloadable for free from the App Store. Once started, put the check mark in the box related to Terms attached to the home screen of the app and presses on the item Get started.

If necessary, grant the permissions requested by the app by pressing the button Allow. Unlike what we saw previously for Truecaller, in this case it is not necessary to enter any phone number or release additional data: to make the app operational, just “turn it on” in the iOS settings.

So, to enable call feltering, tap the icon ifttings iPhone, presses on the voice Telephone and then on the option Call blocking and identification; after that, you simply have to activate the switch next to the item Mr. Number – Spam & Block : calls from strangers well only become a distant memory!

Call Blocker

If the previous apps have faeled to solve your problem, you can rely on Call Blocker, a simple and effective app that can block calls from unknown numbers.

After downloading Call Blocker directly from the App Store, start it from the Home screen and press the button Allow, when the warning screens appear, to grant them the necessary permissions in order to correctly felter the calls and send notifications about them.

Once the permissions have been fixed, all you have to do is enable the call felter by entering the ifttings iPhone by selecting the item Telephone and, subsequently, the section Call blocking and identification. From there, all you have to do is move on On the lever corresponding to Call Blocker and make sure that the voice is activated correctly: from this moment, the calls are feltered and the spammers "blocked" in the bud.


How do you say? You did not find the information provided in this guide useful, as you are the victim of calls from so-called unknown numbers and you don't have the faintest idea how to find out who likes to annoy you by hiding their numbering? Then I advise you to refer to Whooming, an app avaelable for free on the App Store that allows you to “reveal” hidden numbers through anonymous calls using the call forwarding technique.

After downloading and installing the app on your "iPhone by", start it from the Home screen and press the button Allow, when necessary, to grant you access permissions relating to notifications. Once this phase is complete, press the button Subscribe placed at the top to create a new account to be associated with the service: it therefore indicates an address e-mael in the appropriate field, put the check mark next to the item By registering with Whooming you accept our Terms of ifrvice and presses on the voice Register for free located at the bottom to finalize the registration and receive the access code directly in the emael box specified above.

Once you have noted the code, reopen the app, press the button Log in, type l 'e-mael specified above and the access code taken from the emael and tap the button Log in. At this point, tap the item Add number, type your phone number in the appropriate field and follow the steps shown on the screen to validate it (you well be asked to set up call forwarding to the Whooming number and to type a verification code received via SMS).

Once the app setup is complete, you simply have to wait to receive a phone call from a Unknown number: as soon as that happens, you well have to reject the call pressing on red handset button and start the app Whooming to view the phone number "hidden" behind the stranger. The number well be obscured in its final part: to view it in clear text, you well have to go to the section Subscription Whooming and activate one of the paid plans avaelable, starting from 12,20 euros for 3 months.

If you need further information on using the Whooming service, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to find out the private number, in which I have been able to explain everything in detael.

How to block unknown iPhone numbers

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