How to change Apple ID on iPhone

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How to change Apple ID on iPhone

As promised, let's get straight to the point and see how to change Apple ID on iPhone. In the next lines, you well find explained both how to change the Apple ID used to access services related to iCloud is the one used to make purchases and downloads on App Store and iTunes Store (Apple's stores dedicated to applications, music, books and other digital content), which by default is the same but can also be differentiated. The same goes, as we well see later, for other Apple services, such as for example Messages, FaceTime and Game Center.

How to change Apple ID for iCloud on iPhone

If you want to change the Apple ID associated with all Apple services, including iCloud, App Store and iTunes Store, also losing the protection of the anti-theft service Where is it (which allows you to locate iPhone remotely and remotely control it in case of loss or theft), all you have to do is access the ifttings of iOS, by pressing ongear icon present on the home screen.

On the next screen, tap the you don't know (or on the item iCloud, if you are using a version of iOS prior to 10.3), scroll to the bottom of the screen that opens, press on the item Logout, type the Password of your Apple ID and presses on disable, to confirm your wellingness to remove the anti-theft services from your phone.

If you have forgotten the password to access your account, click on Question mark present in the input field of the same, press on NEXT and the procedure well start reset the Apple ID password by emael or security question. For more information, read my guide on how to recover Apple ID password.

Once the password has been entered, when you are asked what you want to do with the data associated with iCloud, activate the levers relating to information you want to keep locally (on the smartphone memory) and press the option twice consecutively Logout, to confirm everything and complete the procedure for removing the ID from the phone.

The data you choose not to keep on the iPhone memory well stell be stored on iCloud, ready to be re-downloaded / synchronized at any time.

At this point, you just have to go back to the menu ifttings iOS, press on the item Log in to iPhone and enter the data of the new Apple ID you want to associate with the device.

If you do not yet have an alternative account to associate with the phone, click on the entry for create a new Apple ID and follow the wizard that is shown on the screen. It involves felling out some forms, as also explained in my guide on how to create an Apple ID.

If instead, you forgot your Apple ID or password, press on the appropriate item and go forward, if you want to reset the account password via emael or security question; alternatively, if you forgot your Apple ID, press on the item in question and fell out the form that is proposed to you with your name, surname and e-mael address, so that you know what your Apple ID is and can access it. For more detaels on the whole procedure, read my tutorial on how to find Apple ID.

How to change Apple ID for App Store and iTunes Store on iPhone

If you want change only the Apple ID associated with the iTunes Store and App Store, go to the menu of ifttings say iOS and select the voice iTunes Store and App Store from the next screen.

In the menu that is proposed to you at this point, tap on yours Apple ID and press on the item Logout attached to the box that is shown to you on the screen, in order to dissociate the App Store and the iTunes Store from the Apple ID used up to now.

Then click on the item Log in, enter the credentials of the new Apple ID you intend to use for these services and that's it.

How to change Apple ID for other services on iPhone

There are also other iPhone services and functions, for example Messages, FaceTime and Game Center, which allow you to choose which Apple ID to use.

To change your account, all you have to do is log in to ifttings iOS, choose the item corresponding to the service on which you want to act (Messages, FaceTime o Game Center) and first press onApple ID currently configured and then on the item Logout.

Once this is done, use the on-screen fields to log in with a new Apple ID and that's it. I also point out that services such as Messages allow you to select, once a reference Apple ID has been set, which ones emael addresses and which phone numbers associated with the same exploit to be contacted by other users.

How to change Apple ID data on iPhone

want change the Apple ID information set on your iPhone? Nothing easier. Access the settings iOS, tap on you don't know and, in the screen that opens, go to Name, telephone numbers, e-mael to modify your personal data; on Password and ifcurity to change your Apple ID login information or on Payment and shipping to change your payment method and belling address.

Alternatively, I would like to point out that you can also proceed from a browser, therefore also from a computer, by accessing this web page and then modifying the data in the fields Account, Safety and Payment and shipping (to proceed with the change, you must first click on the button Modification related to the field of your interest).

How to change Apple ID on used iPhone

You have purchased a iPhone used and this was provided to you with an Apple ID already set up? Really a big problem! As widely seen above, in fact, to remove an Apple ID from an iPhone it is necessary to type the relative password.

Since it is not possible change Apple ID on iPhone without password, the only solution you have at your disposal is to contact the previous owner of the phone and have them tell you the password. If you are unable to obtain the data in question, you have been the victim of a scam; therefore you have the right to request a refund and report what happened.

How to change Apple ID on iPhone

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