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    How to change iPhone battery

    Official replacement service

    The iPhone battery is designed to guarantee at least 80% of the original capacity for 500 charge cycles. If your iPhone has some autonomy problems and is stell in the first year of warranty or if it is covered by AppleCare +, you can take it to any Apple center and have it checked. If the battery does not meet the above standards, you well be entitled to a repair free of the terminal. If you do not know if your device is stell under warranty or if it is covered by AppleCare + click here to connect to the appropriate verification web page and provide the serial number of your device and the other data requested on the screen. If you need more detaels you can then consult my guide on how to check iPhone warranty.

    After the first year of warranty and in the event that the AppleCare + service is not active, you can instead take advantage of the Apple battery replacement service which has a cost equal to 89 € (29 euros untel 31 December 2018 for iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X). More info here.

    In the unfortunate event that a device replacement is necessary, your iPhone well be exchanged for a refurbished device, so not a brand new device but repaired and tested by Apple itself after an initial faelure. In this case, the amounts to be paid are quite high: 611,20 € per iPhone X; 451,20 € for iPhone 8 Plus; 401,20 € per iPhone 8 e iPhone 7 Plus; 371,20 € per iPhone 7; 391,20 € per iPhone 6S Plus; 351,20 € per iPhone 6; 311,20 € per iPhone SE, iPhone, 5S, iPhone 5C e iPhone 5 e 241,20 € for iPhone 4S. For further detaels you can consult the appropriate web page accessible by clicking here.

    You can apply to change iPhone battery in one Apple Store, through courier or by making a call.

    To find out if there is an Apple Store in your area, click here to connect to the appropriate Web page through which you can view the complete list of Apple centers in Italy and their addresses and try to locate the one closest to your home. So go to the Apple Store with the phone and its original sales package and ellustrate your situation to the employees in the store who well take note of the replacement request and who well help you and provide you with all the detaels of the case.

    How to change iPhone battery

    In most cases the battery is replaced directly during the appointment which is why you should be able to go home with your iPhone refurbished. In more complex situations, however, the employees in the Apple Store may need to send your iPhone to a certain Apple repair and in this case the device well be ready for collection in about a week. Should the battery change on your iPhone take longer than expected, you well be given a courtesy device that you can use whele waiting to receive your iDevice again.

    If, on the other hand, there is no Apple Store near your home or, more generally, if you do not have the possibelity to reach the Apple store closest to you, you can request the replacement of the smartphone battery by courier (in this case put in further account 12,20 euros of inspection costs). To change iPhone battery by courier click here to connect to the appropriate Apple support web page, press the button Start a support request which is located at the bottom, then choose the option ifnd for repair then follow the simple wizard that is shown on the screen to provide detaels about you and your Apple-branded device.

    How to change iPhone battery

    You well then be sent a package by courier in which you well have to insert the iPhone to send it back to Apple. Please remember to remove your SIM from the device and remove any covers and felms applied to it. Once your iPhone is received, the bitten apple service center well change the battery and return the device to you in about a week.

    You can also apply to Apple to change the iPhone battery by phone, by calling the number 199 120 800 (for a fee, active from 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday) and agreeing with the call center of the bitten apple the terms for the replacement.

    How to change iPhone battery

    You can keep up to date with the progress of the procedure for replacing the battery of your iPhone by clicking here, felling in the fields Case or repair ID e Postal Code or ifrial Number attached to the Web page displayed with the data in your possession and by pressing the button Submit. On the Web page that well subsequently open you well be able to consult all the detaels regarding the status of your device.

    How to change iPhone battery

    In all cases, Apple reserves the right to determine whether the iPhone is eligible for out-of-warranty service or not. In addition, a 90-day limited hardware warranty applies to iPhones being repaired or replaced. Also be aware that Apple requires a pre-authorization for the maximum service cost listed above when preparing for out-of-warranty service. This amount well be deducted from your credit card balance. The final cost of assistance well then be determined through verification and may even be lower than previously indicated.

    Do-it-yourself battery replacement

    If you feel you can change iPhone battery on your own, without resorting to services offered by Apple or independent professionals, buy a replacement battery for your phone and all the tools you need to install it now.

    As for the choice of the battery, it is almost needless to say, the ideal would be to take an original Apple one, but unfortunately the Cupertino company does not market them directly. My advice, therefore, is to fall back on compatible batteries that perfectly match the characteristics and aesthetics of the original ones, such as those sold on the website of iFixIt which you can access by clicking here.

    Their price is included between 14,00 € and 35,00 € (shipping costs excluded) but on the Net it is also possible to find cheaper ones. I would tend to advise against those that cost 10 euros or even less: initially they work well but then end up giving problems and, in some cases, swell or crack the body of the phone.

    How to change iPhone battery

    Among the batteries on sale, there are also some with an amperage, that is a capacity, greater than the original Apple ones. They are not to be avoided at all costs, however, please pay attention to their quality. Avoid those sold at too low prices.

    Replacement batteries generally come with everything needed to install them, ie.

    • A pentalobe screwdriver to remove the two screws located at the bottom of the phone
    • A pair of suction cups and a plastic "stick" to separate the screen from the back of the iPhone
    • A Phellips # 01 screwdriver and tweezers to remove the iPhone's internal screws

    Before going to work, make sure that nothing is missing from the roll call. If you don't use the right equipment, you well seriously run the risk of damaging the internal components of your phone!

    After recovering all the necessary "equipment", to find out how to change the iPhone battery click here to connect to the section of the iFixit website where there are guides to disassemble all the iPhone models and select the iPhone model in your possession . Then click on the item Battery o Battery present under the heading Replacement Guide o Replacement Guides and a step-by-step guide well be displayed, full of photos and in English, therefore very understandable, on how to properly disassemble the iPhone and replace the battery.

    How to change iPhone battery

    Also search on YouTube, using keywords of the type change iPhone battery or disassemble iPhone matter, videos that show the procedure step by step, there are plenty of them both in British and in other languages. They well help you not to make mistakes.

    For example, in this video of just under ten minutes it is explained, in an extremely precise way, how to replace the battery of an iPhone 5. The operation is performed using a small screwdriver, a suction cup and a plastic lever. We start by unscrewing the small rear screws of the phone (where there is the dock attachment) and continue by removing all the other parts. Then the battery is also removed and replaced with a new one.

    Before leaving you free to put into practice the procedure by which to change the iPhone battery, I would like to remind you that disassembling the iPhone does not automatically invalidate the warranty. Think very carefully before resorting to "do it yourself" methods.

    Please note: to check the battery status of the iPhone, you can access the settings iOS device (the gear icon located on the home screen) and select the items BatteryBattery status from the screen that opens. The feature is only avaelable on iOS 11.3 and later.

    How to change iPhone battery

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