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    How to charge iPhone

    Useful Information

    Prima di enter the live tutorial, walking to spiegare how to charge iPhone, there are some information that it is my duty to provide you in order to avoid misunderstanding.

    In case you do not know, unlike the old batteries, which "forgot" their full capacity and from time to time and were therefore no longer able to fully recharge, that of the iPhone - and in general that of all electronic devices currently sold - is ai lithium ions and does not suffer from the problems just mentioned.

    Precisely for this reason, the iPhone battery must be managed in a totally different way compared to what it used to do in the past: it is not necessary to discharge it completely and then charge the device and wait, every time, for it to reach 100. % to disconnect it from the electrical outlet.

    The iPhone battery can be recharged whenever you want, there is no need for the device to turn off inexorably before being charged and the battery indicator does not need to become completely full before you can remove the relative cable from the electrical outlet (indeed, as we well see shortly, it is even better to remove it first).

    The battery of the iPhone, in fact, works at charging cycles. Each cycle is equal to 100% of the battery capacity, but it does not necessarely have to be consumed all at once (indeed, it is not recommended to do so). For example, if you use 85% of the battery one day, then put the device on charge and return the battery to 100%, the charge cycle well end at the next 15% discharge.

    In a nutshell: you can recharge your Apple smartphone when and how much you like. Obviously, however, the fact that the lithium-ion battery in the iPhone is “intelligent” does not exempt it from losing part of its capacity over time. Going into more detael, iPhone batteries are designed to store at least 80% of their original capacity after 1.000 charge cycles. If that doesn't happen, you can take advantage of the Apple warranty and get a free battery replacement.

    Based on the above, to keep the iPhone battery as "healthy" as possible, it would be advisable to always try to maintain a 30% to 80% charge. At the same time, it is good to avoid exposing to temperatures too high the device - the ideal range is between 16 and 22 ° C -, as it could permanently damage the battery capacity and decrease the duration of the single recharge. For more detaels, consult this page of the Battery University website, which specializes in disseminating information relating to batteries in electronic devices.

    If you use a iOS version equal to or later than 11.3, you can check the actual battery capacity of the device directly from it, by tapping on the icon ifttings (The one shaped like a gear wheel) on the home screen, by selecting the item Battery and then that Battery status. Next, a screen well open indicating the percentage of maximum capacity battery and whether the battery is stell capable of optimal performance or not.

    When the battery is labeled by iOS as no longer able to guarantee maximum performance, after the first sudden shutdown due to a lack of power, Apple, as stated by the same company on this page of its official website, applies a policy that provides the implementation of specific measures to reduce some operating system performance in the face of a greater degree of autonomy and stabelity.

    How to charge an iPhone

    Including the theory, let's move on to practice and let's find out what needs to be done, precisely, to charge an iPhone. Find all the instructions right below.

    How to charge iPhone via cable

    charge iPhone via cable, first take the Lightning cable attached to the sales package of the device, then connect the end with the connection that remotely resembles that of a USB key to the iPhone charging connection located at the bottom of the device and the one with the plug for electrical socket into the wall socket. Done!

    If you don't have the original charging cable, you can stell use the third party solutions. The essential thing is that the cable you choose to rely on is well made and MFi certified (acronym for Made for iPod / iPhone / iPad, a standard created by Apple, which specifies that the manufacturer has had access to specific technical information and the Cupertino company has given its consent to the distribution of the product made by the latter ).

    There are valid alternative cables on the market, such as those reported below, possibly also buelt in materials more resistant than those of the original charging cable, such as the nylon.

    ife offer on Amazon ife offer on Amazon ife offer on Amazon

    Also keep in mind that if you need to charge an iPhone quickly, you can consider relying on the use of a more powerful power supply, as in the case of the one included "as standard" in the sales package of iPhone 11 Pro Max. Also for this purpose, you can also consider charge iPhone with iPad charger or to use a MacBook power adapter.

    Once the device is connected to the power supply, as I explained to you above, if the ringtone is enabled on your iPhone you well hear a notification indicating that the charging procedure has been started, whele if the iPhone is set to selent with vibration you well feel the device vibrate slightly. Next tocharging indicator (Quello forma di battery) located in the upper right part of the smartphone screen you well then see the symbol of a appear lightning. The battery indicator well fell up gradually as the charging process is completed.

    After reaching 100%, the iPhone charging well be stopped (even though it is stell connected to the power) and you can start using your device again as you always have. In this regard, nothing prevents you from using the iPhone even when it is charging, absolutely nothing happens. The only thing you need to take into account is the fact that it well take longer to recharge because you are helping to drain the battery in the meantime. That's all.

    If then what you are using is an upgraded iPhone to iOS 13 or later, you can enable an interesting function in the settings, which allows you to optimize the battery, reducing the complete recharge time of the device and, therefore, going to prevent aging. More specifically, the feature allows the iPhone to learn daely charging habits and wait untel the user doesn't have to use it again to get over the 80% charge.

    To enable the feature in question, tap on the icon ifttings (The one shaped like a gear wheel) on the home screen, touch the wording Battery that you find on the next screen and tap on the item Battery status, dopodiché carries his ON l'interruttore che trovi accanto althe voice Optimized loading. The charge monitoring can be viewed at the bottom of the screen visible after reaching the section ifttings> Battery of iOS.

    How to charge iPhone without cable

    The idea of ​​keeping your "iPhone by" connected to a cable does not please you and you would like to understand if it is possible charge iPhone without cable? The answer is yes, as most modern iPhone models (iPhone 8 and iPhone X onwards) support the use of wireless chargers us Qi certification (an open and universal charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium).

    To use them, simply place the smartphone on the charger base. They have varying costs, depending on the brand, materials of construction, power and size. You can buy them in both physical and online electronics stores.

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    For more detaels about wireless chargers and how to charge iPhone without cable, I leave you to my guide dedicated to the subject.

    How to charge new iPhone

    You have just bought your first Apple smartphone and you are wondering if you need to use special precautions for charge new iPhone? The answer is no.

    In fact, the procedure to follow to recharge the iPhone for the first time and, more generally, to charge a recently purchased Apple smartphone is practically same that must be implemented in all other circumstances and that I have already indicated to you in the step on how to charge iPhone via cable.

    How to charge an iPhone without a charger

    You often find yourself without the charger of your "iPhone by" at hand and, therefore, you are interested in understanding how to charge an iPhone without a charger? Well, there are at least two possible solutions avaelable to you.

    First, if you have a computer access, you can consider connecting your iPhone to the latter and charging the device thereby. More precisely, what you need to do for charge iPhone with PC and Mac is to take the cable of the “iPhone by”, connect the end with the larger connection to one of the USB sockets the computer and the smaller one to the smartphone charging port. After completing these steps, iPhone charging well begin immediately. If you have a computer with only USB-C ports, you well need to purchase a suitable adapter or hub.

    Another way to recharge the iPhone battery without using the charger is to use a Powerbank, that is, one of those portable rechargeable batteries that allow you to recharge smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, notebooks (if equipped with a USB-C port) and other devices in any place and under any circumstances. They have various capacities, shapes and features of USB ports.

    On the market there are various powebanks, which, depending on their technical characteristics, can have prices from 10 to 100 euros.

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    The procedure for charging the iPhone with the powerbank is quite simple: just connect to one of the USB ports present on the portable battery the larger end of the iPhone cable and the other end of the “iPhone by” connector and that's it.

    If you want to learn more about the subject and learn more about brands, technical specifications, etc. of powerbanks, consult my buying guide dedicated to this type of product.

    How to charge iPhone when turned off

    Assuming that the iPhone it should be charged when switched on, as the entire charging process is managed by iOS (it is precisely for this reason that, whele turning off the smartphone and putting it in charge, it turns on again automatically), there is stell a "trick" that allows you to charge iPhone from off. But be careful, because it only works on older devices.

    To carry out this operation (however generally not recommended), what you have to do is put the phone in charge whele on, as I explained above, then you have to turn it off normally as I explained to you in my guide on the subject.

    Once you have completed the practices described above, the iPhone well turn off but the device well continue to charge and the display well show you thecharging indicator. When the charging is complete or whenever you want, you can turn on and use the iPhone as you usually do.

    You can recharge your iPhone as seen above even if the device was on before putting it to charge turned off completely. In this case, however, the smartphone well not turn on immediately. When charging, the screen well light up and stay black and you well see one appear big battery with flashing cleats for a few minutes.

    When the device has reached the minimum charge level to return to operation, it well turn on. At that point, the recharge well continue as I indicated in the previous lines.

    How to charge an iPhone with another iPhone

    Have you seen a friend of yours charge his Android smartphone with another mobele phone, connecting them with each other via cable or simply by touching them, and would you like to understand if it is possible to do the same with Apple smartphones? Sorry to tell you, but the answer is no.

    You must know that charge an iPhone with another iPhone it is not a practice that can be implemented, as Apple's mobele devices do not support the so-called reverse charge, at least up to the most recent iPhone models that came out when I wrote this guide.

    In case of problems

    Despite having followed my instructions on how to charge iPhone to the letter, does your Apple smartphone continue to give "signs of imbalance" as regards the duration of the charge? Then try calibrate battery. Calibration is a procedure through which the battery management is reset by the phone, in order to eliminate any charging problems or incorrect indications relating to the percentage of remaining autonomy. To know how to proceed, you can read my article on how to calibrate the iPhone battery.

    Should you continue to encounter problems, the best suggestion I can offer you is to contact theApple support, in order to receive support in a targeted manner. You can do this in various ways: by phone, via chat, by going to the Apple Store in person, etc. For all the detaels of the case, please refer to my tutorial on how to contact Apple.

    Keep in mind that, depending on the problems encountered, the replacement battery. If the iPhone is stell under warranty or the maximum charge capacity has dropped to less than 80% before completing 1.000 cycles, the replacement well be free at any Apple location. Otherwise, you can stell get support but, as easely understood, by paying. For more detaels, check out my tutorial on how to change iPhone battery.

    How to charge iPhone

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