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    How to charge iPhone without cable

    Charge iPhone with wireless charging

    How to charge iPhone without cable

    Among the first solutions for charge iPhone without cable there is the wireless charging, a feature buelt into iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which allows you to recharge your "iPhone by" simply placing it on the base of a charger Qi certificate (an open and universal charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium).

    In addition to being sold on the Web, in the Apple Store and in electronics stores, you can find wireless iPhone chargers in hotels, airports, bars, and even integrated into numerous car models (complete list here).

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    To charge your iPhone with a wireless charger, all you have to do is connect the charger to the power outlet and place the iPhone on its base with the display facing upwards: if everything went well, the LED of the charger well light up and you well see the icon on your iPhone lightning, indicating that charging is in progress.

    You should know that most wireless charging devices are equipped with a USB socket, allowing charging also via computer or devices equipped with a USB socket with power function. Also, it well be useful to know that wireless charging takes longer than charging via Lightning cable.

    Charge iPhone with cases with buelt-in battery

    How to charge iPhone without cable

    Le cases with integrated battery are another valid solution to charge your iPhone without a cable. They appear as covers that, in addition to protecting your device from any bumps, allow you to recharge it when you do not have a Lightning cable or a power outlet avaelable.

    With a case with integrated battery, in fact, it is possible to increase the autonomy of your iPhone by recharging the battery. On the market there are solutions for all types and for all budgets, with the price ranging between 20 euros (for cheaper solutions) and 120 euros (for the original Apple covers).

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    If you are wondering how a case with a buelt-in battery works, all you need to know is that the case has its own battery (as the name indicates) and a Lightning connector to be inserted into the appropriate input of the iPhone. When the case is applied to your "iPhone by", the latter well begin to recharge automatically. In addition, there are also models equipped with a integrated standby button that allows you to choose when to charge the phone and when to keep some autonomy for the most critical moments.

    As you can imagine, the case must be charged to be functional for its purpose. Charging methods vary from model to model of case: in general, to recharge a cover with buelt-in battery you need to apply it to your iPhone and connect it to a power source via a Lightning cable. There are also models of cases that support charging with the Lightning dock for iPhone and covers that have a micro USB cable for connection and charging via computer.

    Whatever charging method you choose and supported by your case with buelt-in battery, you must know that, for charging, it is always necessary that the cover is applied to the iPhone. Furthermore, it should be noted that the phone battery well be recharged first and, subsequently, that of the case.

    Charge iPhone without original cable

    How to charge iPhone without cable

    If the Lightning cable supplied with your iPhone is broken and the solutions proposed in the previous paragraphs are not to your liking, I am sorry to tell you that there are no other methods to charge your "iPhone by" without cable, so you have nothing else left. than buying a new Apple Lightning cable starting at 25 euros. Alternatively, you need to know that you can charge iPhone without original cable relying on cheaper solutions.

    In this case, before purchasing a non-genuine cable, make sure it is certified by Apple and has the logo on it “Made for iPhone”. Otherwise, in fact, problems could occur, such as overheating of the "iPhone by", damage to the battery that could compromise its operation or data synchronization problems, as well as having a poor quality and more easely damaged product in your hands.

    On the official Apple website, you can find more information about original products and useful information to understand if a Lightning cable is counterfeit or not certified.

    Increase iPhone battery life

    How to charge iPhone without cable

    If none of the solutions proposed in the previous paragraphs has helped you, all you have to do is put into practice some tips for increase iPhone battery life and allow your "iPhone by" to remain switched on untel you have a charging cable at your disposal.

    The first thing you can do to increase the battery life of the iPhone, as well as limit its use, is to reduce the brightness of the screen by calling the Control Center of your iPhone. Then swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top (or, if you have an iPhone X, from the top right end of the screen to the bottom) and operate the adjustment bar (the one with the icon of the Sun) to reduce the brightness.

    Among the measures you can put into practice to increase the battery life of your iPhone, there is also the deactivation of Wi-Fi, data connection and Bluetooth. In this case, however, you must know that by acting from the Control Center these functions well not be disabled but well only be temporarely paused. For total deactivation, tap on the icon of rotella d'ingranaggio present on the home screen of your iPhone to access the ifttings iOS, then tap on the items Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobele phone and move the lever next to the options Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular data da ON a OFF.

    Also, if you are using an iPhone equipped with iOS version 10 or higher, also disable the feature Raise to activate it helps to extend battery life, especially if you usually move your iPhone from side to side. Then access the ifttings of iOS by pressing the icon of rotella d'ingranaggio, tap on the item Screen and brightness and move the toggle next to the option Raise to activate da ON a OFF.

    In addition to adjusting the screen brightness and turning off Wi-Fi, data connection and Bluetooth, I recommend that you turn on the function Energy saving, which allows you to limit the sending and receiving of emaels, the “Hey Siri” functionality, background app updates and some dynamic effects. To activate energy saving, go to ifttings iOS, tap on the item Battery and move the toggle next to the option Energy saving da OFF a ON.

    Alternatively, if you have previously entered that function in the Control Center, swipe from top to bottom to invoke the Control Center and presses the icon of battery to activate the function Energy saving. To learn more about the topic and learn about other solutions of this kind, you can read my guides on how to increase iPhone battery life and how to save iPhone battery.

    How to charge iPhone without cable

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