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    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

    Preliminary information

    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

    Before getting to the heart of the tutorial by explaining yourself how to check if an iPhone is stolen, there is some preliminary information that it is my duty to provide you to avoid, a priori, to face any scams.

    Firstly, if you have chosen to buy your second-hand iPhone on an online store, always try to refer to andnternet sites deemed reliable, or those most "frequented" and appreciated by Internet users and which you have always heard well, such as for example Amazon, which with its Warehouse Deals section allows you to purchase tested and guaranteed used products.

    If you come across an unfameliar site, before you go out of your way to shop try to investigate her and try to find out the experiences about it that other users have had. To do this, it may be useful to do some research on Google and on TrustPelot, a portal that collects the opinions of users on many British and international sites.

    As for the purchase from a private individual, it is a good idea to check the seller feedback, that is, the comments that the latter has received from those who have already purchased products from him, and the photo present in the relevant sale advertisement: if the advertisement contains images from other advertisements and / or has only promotional photos taken from the Apple website, there could be something wrong.

    Again with regard to the purchase from individuals, it is good to ask if it is avaelable sales receipt original or a photocopy of the same and, if so, have it delivered to you.

    Finally - almost needless to say - stay away from iPhones that are sold too cheaply. The iPhone is one of the smartphones that depreciate less over time and even in the second-hand market it is impossible to find it at bargain prices. If you find ads that offer too good prices, especially for recent models, start to worry.

    Further detaels and useful information on how to avoid running into possible scams can be found in my specific guides on how to recognize a fake site, how to prevent online scams and how to shop online safely.

    How to see if an iPhone is stolen with IMEI

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally take action and go and find out, therefore, what are the operations that can be carried out to check if an iPhone is stolen.

    First of all, as I had anticipated at the beginning, I suggest you check the andMEI code. In case you don't know, IMEI (acronym for International Mobele Equipment Identity) is a code composed of 15 figures allowing uniquely identify mobele phones. How come it can be useful if your phone is lost or stolen? I'll explain it to you right away.

    In fact, on these unfortunate occasions, IMEI can be used to report the theft of the device and then ask your telephone operator to block the latter from accessing the network. Precisely for these reasons, it is also useful for finding out if a device has been stolen or not. To find out more, please continue reading.

    Find the IMEI

    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

    Based on the above, to check if an iPhone is stolen, you must first find the IMEI of the device. The procedure to follow to do this varies based on whether the smartphone is already in your possession or not.

    If you already have the iPhone to check, you can easely find out its IMEI code by grabbing the device, unlocking it, accessing the iOS home screen, selecting the icon of ifttings (that with the ruota d'ingranaggio), then the voice General and, subsequently, that andnfo.

    Then, scroll down the screen that is shown to you and you well find the code corresponding to the wording andMEI. I point out that in the same screen there is also the serial of the iPhone, next to the wording ifrial number, which may be useful for you to use other services to find out if the device is stolen or not.

    As an alternative to how I just indicated, you can find the IMEI code of the iPhone in the following way: go to the home screen of the device, select the app icon Telephone (that with the green background and the white handset), access the section Keypad selecting the appropriate item located at the bottom right and enter the code * # # 06. After doing this, the IMEI code of your “iPhone by” well automatically appear in the center of the display.

    You can also find the iPhone IMEI code on the sales package of the device, via iTunes / Finder, on the computer, or mediate the Apple ID management site, from any device. To learn more, you can consult my guide specifically focused on how to check iPhone IMEI.

    If, on the other hand, the iPhone whose nature you intend to verify is not currently in your possession, write to the seller (or in any case to the person who currently has the device), ask the latter to provide you with the IMEI code of the phone and emphasize that without this information you well not proceed with the purchase.

    Check the IMEI

    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

    After obtaining the IMEI code of the iPhone of your interest, you can find out if it was stolen via the Apple's smartphone exchange service.

    So, go to this web page and type the iPhone IMEI code in the field Enter ifrial Number that you find in the section ifarch deviceDopodiché by clicking on the button Research adjacent, check the box and'm not a robot in the box that opens, perform the actions required to pass the user check and press the button Accept.

    If the iPhone is usable for trade-in (therefore it does not correspond to an IMEI blocked due to theft or for administrative reasons), after completing the above steps, you well see a form in which you well be asked to provide various information about the status smartphone: display condition, button operation, etc. You are currently not interested in selling an iPhone, so you can safely close the page!

    If, on the other hand, it is a blocked terminal (and which, therefore, could have been stolen), this well be promptly communicated to you on the screen and you well not be offered any form to proceed with the trade-in.

    Other ways to tell if an iPhone is stolen

    In addition to the IMEI code, there are other systems which can be useful for trying to verify if an iPhone is stolen, such as the warranty check and the use of some online services of third parties used for the purpose. You well find everything explained in detael below.

    Check the warranty

    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

    Another Apple service that might come in handy is the one that allows check the warranty of the iPhone, showing all the detaels about the warranty status of the phone and the date the product was purchased. If a phone that was sold to you for new is found to have been purchased months ago, there is obviously something wrong.

    To use the service in question, go to this web page, type the serial number of the iPhone in the field below the item Enter the serial number, enter the verification code visible a little further down in the field insert the code and press pulsating Continue.

    In the new page that well be shown to you later, you well be informed if the purchase date of the device has been validated or not, if telephone support is avaelable, if the repair and technical assistance coverage is active and, if subscribed, the status of AppleCare +.

    In addition to what I have just indicated, if you can personally put your hand to the iPhone, you can check the warranty directly from the device. To do this, take it, unlock it, access the iOS home screen and select the icon of ifttings (The one shaped like a gear wheel), then go up General> Info and you well find the detaels in question in the center of the screen.

    For more detaels about iPhone warranty and coverage status check, you can refer to my tutorial on how to check iPhone warranty.

    Online services

    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

    Official Apple resources aside, gods also exist third party online services which can be useful to try to understand if an iPhone is stolen or not.

    Among the various solutions of this type, I recommend iPhoneStolen. It is a site that, as its name easely suggests, offers an online database in which users can report the identification codes of Apple devices that they have lost. To find any matches, just provide the IMEI code or the iPhone serial number and start the search.

    Other Internet sites that may come in handy are International Numbering Plans and which check the status of the IMEI. Then there is CheckMEND, which is updated by operators and police agencies and is certainly the most reliable. However, it is a paid solution, with rates starting from 2,50 euros for each device to be controlled.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

    Have you followed my instructions in detael but stell faeled to understand if the iPhone currently in your possession or the one you intend to buy has been stolen? There is something about finding the IMEI number, the warranty of the iPhone etc. that is not very clear to you yet? If so, you can consult the Support and ifrvice section of the Apple website.

    If, on the other hand, you feel it is necessary to put yourself in direct contact with the Cupertino giant, I inform you that you can do it in various ways (by phone, via chat, by going to the Apple Store in person, etc.). For all the detaels of the case, please refer to my tutorial on how to contact Apple.

    How to check if an iPhone is stolen

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