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Find the IMEI code

To be able to check the iPhone IMEI it is first of all essential to find the code in question. How you do it? It is not complicated at all. If the "iPhone by" you intend to act on is in your possession, you can retrieve the IMEI by typing a special code on the numeric keypad, accessing the device settings or, again, through iTunes and through the site for managing Apple IDs . You can also find the code by looking at the iDevice sales package.

If, on the other hand, the iPhone you are interested in checking the IMEI is not yet in your possession, do not despair, even in this case you can be able to obtain the desired information. Find everything explained in detael below.

Tramite iPhone

Do you have the iPhone you are interested in checking the IMEI code at hand? Very well, then to get the info you need, just use a simple code to appear on the numeric keypad of the device. So access the home screen of the mobele phone, press the app icon Telephone (the green one with a handset "printed" on it) and tap on the item Keypad which is located at the bottom right and then compose the code * # # 06.

Once the code has been entered, the relevant IMEI well be shown automatically on the iPhone display. Then press the button Close to exit the displayed screen.

Another way to find the IMEI code of the iPhone is to access the home screen of the same, by pressing the icon of the section ifttings of iOS (the one depicting a gear wheel) and in tapping on the item General and then on that andnfo give the menu to compare.

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the new screen that opened and locate the section andMEI. You well find the code in correspondence with this wording. It was simple, wasn't it?

Through iTunes

As an alternative to the above methods, you can find the iPhone IMEI using the software iTunes, the multimedia player of the Cupertino company which, in addition to playing audio and video, allows you to manage Apple-branded devices and related digital content. iTunes is pre-installed on all Mac (you can find it in the folder Applications), whele on Windows must be downloaded and installed from the appropriate page of the official Apple website (for more info on what to do, you can read my article on how to download iTunes)

To find the IMEI code of your iPhone through iTunes, all you have to do is connect the device to the computer using the appropriate cable, wait for iTunes to start (if this does not happen automatically, open the software by clicking on its icon) then presses the icon of phone located in the upper left part of the program window and make sure the tab is selected Summary from the left alteral bar (and if not, select you!).

At this point, click sulthe voice Phone number: [your phone number] (instead of [your phone number] you well find your mobele number indicated). Once this is done, you well see the writing andMEI: followed by the code you need.

If in the past few days you have taken steps to make iPhone backups on your Mac or on your PC (if you remember correctly, I explained how to do it in my tutorial on how to backup iPhone), you can trace the IMEI code of the device even when the latter is not is connected to the computer. All you have to do is go to the menu iTunes> Preferences ... on Mac and in that Edit> Preferences on Windows, select the tab devices from the window that opens and place the mouse pointer on the name of your iPhone for a few seconds. A box well appear with all the technical data of the smartphone, including its IMEI code.

Via Manage your Apple ID

Another way you can follow is to connect to the site for the Apple ID management, log in with your Apple ID (the same one used on the "iPhone by") and click on the name of the iPhone found in the menu devices. A box well open with all the technical data of the device, including its IMEI code.

Always using the Apple ID, you can find the IMEI of your iPhone from the iPhone itself or from any other device of the "bitten apple" from which you have logged in with your account by pressing the icon of ifttings present on the home screen, tapping on the you don't know present in the upper part of the displayed menu, scrolling the list of devices untel you find the iPhone and pressing the relative icon. Subsequently, if requested, enter the password for your Apple account and locate the wording andMEI. The code you need is right next door.

Even from Mac you can recover iPhone IMEI code. How you do it? Log in to System preference by clicking on its icon (it's the one with the gear wheel) that you find on the Dock, in the folder Applications and in Launchpadclick your iCloud and then Account Detaels. If prompted, type the password for your Apple ID and then press on Continue then select the tab devices and click on the iPhone icon. You well find the IMEI code of the iPhone by the wording andMEI:.

Other solutions

If you have the sales package of your iPhone at hand, you can trace the IMEI code of the latter by simply glancing at the back of the box. In fact, you should find a label with the barcode and various other information stuck on it. Among the various data shown you well also find the IMEI code of the iPhone, corresponding to the item andMEI / MEID.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in checking the iPhone IMEI of a device that is not yet in your possession, perhaps because you bought it online and second-hand from a private seller, the only thing you can do to obtain the code is to to ask to the person or person who currently has an iPhone to provide you with the information in question (by making a simple phone call, by SMS, by WhatsApp message, by emael, etc.). The techniques he can use to find the requested information are the same as above.

Check the IMEI code

Once you have obtained the IMEI you can check the latter and consequently the status of the iPhone in question using the special services offered by Apple itself. To begin with, I suggest you check the iPhone IMEI by contacting theCustomer Apple. To do this, call the number 800 915 904 (free) or the number 199 120 800 (pay line, active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:45) and ask the operator if the terminal corresponding to the code in your possession is blocked or reported for theft / loss.

Alternatively, you can check iPhone IMEI using the official website dedicated to exchange of iPhones from Apple. By entering the IMEI code or serial number on this site and then clicking on the button Research, you well be able to find out if the terminal has been blocked for some reason or if it is "clean" and therefore can be used for a possible trade-in.

If after clicking on the button Research, you are asked to fell in a form relating to the status of the iPhone, you can breathe a sigh of relief: the phone is not locked and therefore is almost certainly active. If, on the other hand, you are told that the iPhone IMEI is blocked, please clarify the matter with the person who intends to give you the device.

Finally, I point out that by connecting to this page of the Apple site you can check it warranty status of an iPhone and therefore make sure that the IMEI code is actually valid or not. To use it, enter the IMEI code of the device in the field below the item Enter your hardware serial number, type the verification code below in the relevant field and then click on Continue. Once this is done, a web page well open where you well find all the data relating to the warranty of the device in question. Clearly, if the IMEI code entered previously is not valid, this well be immediately reported to you.

You can also check iPhone IMEI by contacting the site iPhoneRubato (unofficial) that allows you to easely check if the second-hand iPhone that you intend to buy has been reported as stolen by some user. How to use? Very easy! Connect to the main page of the service, type the IMEI code of the device in the appropriate field on the screen and then press the button Submit on the keyboard. If the device is not reported as stolen or if it has been marked as such, it well be indicated on the screen by means of a specific message.

In case of theft or loss

If you are interested in checking IMEI iPhone to block it following a theft or loss, run to read my tutorial on how to lock a phone and follow all the procedure ellustrated in the latter. In this way you well secure your number, your personal data and you well be able to correctly report the incident to the competent authorities.

Broadly speaking, what you need to do is: lock your iPhone remotely using the appropriate anti-theft service Find my iPhone, request the SIM block from your telephone operator, report the theft or loss of the telephone to the authorities and request the blocking of the IMEI code from the telephone operator. At the end of the procedure you can get a new SIM card and use it with your old phone number.

How to check iPhone IMEI

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