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Preliminary operation

Before getting to the heart of the topic, going to explain what are the steps to take to be able to clean the iPhone cases, there are some preliminary operations that you need to carry out.

First, take steps to disconnect your iPhone from any external power source and to disconnect all devices and Cavi connected to the phone. Also remove coverfelms e accessories possibly applied which, if present, could hinder the cleaning operation, not to mention the fact that they could also get damaged.

Afterwards, you have to turn off the iPhone. To do this, press and keep holding the On / off button (the one located on the right side of the device on iPhone 6, 7 and 8 and related Plus versions or at the top right on all other previous iPhone models) for a few seconds, wait for the switch with written on it to appear on the screen slide to turn off inside, press on it and drag its lever to the left whele continuing to hold it down. If, on the other hand, you are using a iPhone X or later models, to turn off the device together with the On / off button you well also have to hold down the key to increase the volume.

Once this is done, you have to identify the position of the speakers, so as to understand where to go to intervene. On all iPhones there are two types: those lower, placed, precisely, on the bottom of the device, on the edge, which allow you to listen to music, audio, video and any other sound that is played by the device, and that top, placed on the front (next to the selfie camera) that allows you to listen to interlocutors during phone calls (and on some models it also acts as a stereo speaker for multimedia content).


Once you have completed the preliminary steps above, you need to get the necessary material to be able to practice cleaning the cases of your iPhone. Don't worry, these are not hard-to-find or particularly expensive "equipment", most likely what you need is already at your fingertips. If not, you can find everything in the supermarket nearby or, alternatively, on the Net, for example on Amazon.

What you need is a soft cloth (like those in microfibre used to clean the lenses of glasses or those in deerskin) on which to place the device during cleaning in order to prevent it from scratching or slipping accidentally, a small brush or a soft bristle brush and some cotton swab, to be used to remove various dust and dirt that could clog the speakers of the device.

If possible, get some painter's tape: in case of particularly stubborn dirt this is the best solution! Yes, in fact, it is a blue ribbon used when whitewashing the walls. It has a pressure sensitive adhesive, which also makes it perfect for the purpose covered by this guide.

Also make sure you have one at your disposal flat, clean, spacious and well-lit surface on which to place the iPhone, the necessary and on which to operate.

In case you had thought about resorting to using the water, detergents e compressed air cans, I strongly suggest you stay away from it. In fact, Apple itself specifies, on the page dedicated to cleaning the iPhones of its website, that they could ruin the device and compromise its correct functioning.

Clean the iPhone cases

At this point, I would say that you are finally ready to take action and go to find out, in concrete, what needs to be done to clean the iPhone cases. First, place your smartphone on the soft cloth resting on the flat surface on which you have decided to operate, with the the front of the device facing up, then take the brush, brush or cotton swab and start gently cleaning the iPhone speakers.

Then rub, carefully and making gentle movements, the brush or soft bristle brush on the speaker grelle or holes (depending on the iPhone model you own and whether you are working on the upper or lower speakers), in order to remove dust and dirt. Repeat this more than once, untel you see that the speakers are perfectly clean.

If after the procedure you stell notice some residual dirt, take a cotton swab and try to remove it using the latter, pushing it outwards as much as possible, always delicately and with due care.

In case of excessive dirt and / or if proceeding as I have just indicated you should not be able to remove all the dirt, you can resort to the use of the painter's tape. So, tear a piece of tape and roll it into a cylinder, with the adhesive side facing out, place it on the iPhone cases and press on it, always gently, then remove it.

This way, the tape should be able to collect all the dirt and dust that has accumulated in the speakers. Either way, you check the surface of the tape after each application. If you notice dust and dirt, discard the used tape and repeat the procedure again untel the iPhone cases are perfectly clean.

If you think you need some practical cleaning examples, you can take a look at the many dedicated video tutorials on YouTube. In this case, however, I suggest that you do not take into consideration, so to speak, dubious and baseless methods that unfortunately are often proposed on the Net and which, if put into practice, could irreparably damage the iPhone speakers, as well as the device. in its entirety. Then don't tell me I didn't warn you!

In case of dubbi or problem

Did you follow my instructions on how to clean the iPhone cases in detael but, during the course of work, did any problems arise? Do you stell have doubts about the operations to be carried out and would like to receive further clarifications? Under the circumstances, the best suggestion I can offer you is to take a look at the section of Apple's website dedicated to support for iPhones. Inside you well find information and step-by-step guides regarding practically any topic and functionality inherent in the world of "iPhone by".

If you are unable to solve it even by doing so, I recommend that you get in direct contact with the Apple support, in order to receive personalized assistance. You can do this in various ways: by phone, via the Web or in person. All systems are valid, choosing which one to adopt depends only on the means in your possession, as well as, of course, on what your preferences are. For more information on this, I refer you to reading my guide specifically dedicated to how to contact Apple.

If, however, your problem is that you wanted to clean the speakers of your "iPhone by" why the audio of the contents played seemed too low to you but once the operation is complete, absolutely nothing has changed, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to how to increase the volume of the iPhone, in which you well find several useful information in this regard.

If you then need generic indications on how to clean up your Apple-branded smartphone, I recommend reading my tutorial dedicated to how to clean your iPhone.

How to clean iPhone cases

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