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    How to clean iPhone connector

    Preliminary operation

    How to clean iPhone connector

    Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, going to point out how to clean iPhone connector, there are some preliminary operations that you need to do to ensure that no hitches occur.

    For starters, if your iPhone is connected to one power source external disconnects the smartphone from the latter. In addition, it detaches all other possible ones devices and Cavi connected to the "iPhone by". Also take steps to remove cover, felms and accessories applied, which, if present, could act as an impediment during the cleaning operation (not to mention that during the work they could also be damaged).

    Next, turn off the iPhone. To do this, proceed as follows: if you have an iPhone with Face ID, press and hold the side button It is one of volume keys untel i appear cursors on the screen, then drag the cursor placed at the top; if you have an iPhone with the Home button, press and hold the side button or Standby / Wake up button (depending on the model), then drag the cursor appeared on the screen. For more detaels, you can check out my specific guide on how to turn off iPhone.

    Once this is done, locate the porta Lightning on your iPhone, so that you can proceed with its cleaning. On all models of Apple smartphones this is placed on the bottom of the device, more precisely between the two speakers at the bottom. It is easely recognizable as it is thin and rectangular in shape with rounded edges. Furthermore, it is the only socket present on the most recent iPhone models, whele on the older ones it is flanked by the audio jack, which however is circular in shape.

    I would also like to point out that if you are stell using an old-fashioned iPhone, more precisely an iPhone 4 or earlier models, the device does not have the Lightning connector, but the presa Dock. It is much larger than the Lightning one, but it is always located at the bottom of the device and you can easely recognize it because of its size.

    However, keep in mind that a dirty door can be a problem not only for what concerns theaesthetics and l 'hygiene, but also for the battery recharge, which becomes difficult and inefficient as dust and debris can interfere with the passage of electricity between the device port and the cable. So let's see how to easely solve the problem.


    How to clean iPhone connector

    In order to clean the iPhone charging port and the Lightning cable connector you need to get thenecessary to carry out the operation in question. Don't worry, these are not hard-to-find or particularly expensive “equipment”, most likely what you need is already at your fingertips. If not, you can find everything on Amazon or in physical stores.

    What you need is a soft cloth (such as the microfibre ones used to clean eyeglass lenses or those in deerskin) lint free and dry.

    Sometimes, the use of a soft cloth may prove insufficient. If so, you can consider cleaning with a small and thin object, such as a cotton swab or, even better, a soft bristle brush. At most, you can use one air pump like those used to clean cameras.

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    In any case, avoid using water, detergents and compressed air canisters. In fact, Apple itself declares on the page dedicated to cleaning iPhones on its website that they could ruin the device and compromise its correct functioning.

    Also make sure you have one at your disposal flat surface, clean, spacious and well lit on which you can place the iPhone, what you need and on which you can operate without running the risk that the "iPhone by" could slip, break or otherwise be damaged.

    How to clean the iPhone charging port

    How to clean iPhone connector

    At this point, I would say that we are there: you can finally take action and then go to discover, in practice, how to clean the iPhone charging port, in order to eliminate debris, dust and dirt that reside inside.

    To do this, place your smartphone on the flat surface you have chosen to use, then take the soft cloth and pass it on outer edges of the charging port, proceeding gently. Next, fold the cloth back, going to thin it and pass it over inner edges door, always acting cautiously. Repeat the operation several times in a row, untel you see that the door is perfectly clean.

    In case of excessive dirt and / or if proceeding as I have just indicated you should not be able to remove all the dirt, take a cotton swab, for an brush or a air pump and use them to try to remove the dirt, pushing it outwards as much as possible, even in this case proceeding wisely.

    If your problem is what has accumulated in the port of the iPhone liquid, perhaps because you have mistakenly splashed the device or because you have kept the iPhone in a too humid place, which should also be signaled by the presence of a special notice on the phone display, tap gently against your hand with the iPhone's Lightning port facing down to remove excess liquid, after which leave the device in a dry and ventelated place to at least 30 minutes, but take into account that it may take even longer.

    If you think you need some practical cleaning examples, you can take a look at the many too video tutorial dedicated that are found on the Net, for example by searching on YouTube for keywords such as "Cleaning iPhone connector". In this case, however, I suggest that you do not consider dubious and baseless methods that unfortunately are often proposed on the Internet and which, if actually implemented, could irreparably damage the iPhone port, as well as the device in its entirety.

    How to clean the iPhone charging cable connector

    How to clean iPhone connector

    They always remain on the subject, it seems only right to ellustrate you too how to clean the iPhone connector present on charging cable. Even in this case it is a rather simple operation to perform. It is normal for the Lightning connector to discolour due to use. Dirt, clogging and exposure to moisture could cause discoloration, but also problems with charging.

    To clean the cable, you can use the same "equipment" that I pointed out to you for cleaning the connector: a soft cloth, dry and not frayed. Pass it gently on theentire surface of the cable. Repeat the operation untel the dirt is completely removed. In doing this, I recommend that you do not use liquids or cleaning products.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    How to clean iPhone connector

    Despite having followed my instructions in detael, have you not yet been able to clean the iPhone port or the charging cable of the device? In the meantime some hitch has arisen and you don't know how to solve? If that's the case, I recommend that you first try taking a look at this section of Apple's website dedicated to support for the company's products.

    If, on the other hand, you feel it is appropriate to get in direct contact with theassistance Apple, I inform you that you can do this in various ways: by phone, via chat, online assistance or by going to the Apple Store in person. For all the detaels of the case, you can refer to my tutorial on how to contact Apple.

    How to clean iPhone connector

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