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    How to clean iPhone headphones

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    Preliminary operation

    Before getting to the heart of the topic, going to explain, in detael, how to clean iPhone earphones, there are some preliminary operations that you have to do in order to facelitate your work.

    First, if your earphones come with wire, disconnect the wire from the iPhone by removing the Jack or Lightning connector (depending on the iPhone model used). If you are using Beats by Dre headphones with connection Bluetooth, presses on the relative on / off button to turn them off. The AirPods, on the other hand, don't have a dedicated button to turn the device on and off so, in this case, you don't have to do anything (except put them back in their case)!

    Another thing I urge you to do is to remove any rubbers, protezioni, adhesives and anything else you may have applied to the earphones, as their presence could hinder the cleaning operation.

    Make sure you have one at your disposal flat and clean surface on which to operate, in such a way as to be able to clean the headphones precisely and in complete safety.


    Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's see thenecessary necessary to carry out the cleaning operation of the headphones. The only thing you need is a soft cloth, which is dry and free of lint, such as those in microfibre used to clean the lenses of the glasses, or a cloth in deerskin or suede leather. Do not absolutely use abrasive materials because, as you can guess, they could ruin the earphones.

    Water and other cleaning fluids are banned! Neither EarPods nor AirPods or Beats by Dre headphones are waterproof or water resistant, which is why avoid them carefully if you don't want to incur damage that could compromise the proper functioning of such equipment. The only thing you can do, in case of very stubborn dirt, is to slightly dampen the used cloth, as I well explain in detael in the following lines.

    Other material you may possibly need is a cotton pad dry and a soft-bristled brush (also dry and, of course, clean) for, respectively, cleaning the microphone and speakers and the case, for what concerns the AirPods.

    Clean the iPhone earphones

    At this point, I'd say you're finally ready to take action and clean your iPhone headphones. Below you well find explained, in detael, how to proceed in the case of EarPods, The AirPods and earphones Beats by dre. As I told you at the beginning of the article, you don't have to worry about it, it's not difficult at all.


    If you have the EarPods, ie the Apple headphones that can be connected to the iPhone via the "classic" wire, first check where the dirt resides on the device. If you notice any specks of dust or other debris, simply remove them blowing on it in a delicate way: by doing so, you well avoid damaging the caps during the rubbing operation to be carried out with the cloth.

    Next, take the microfiber cloth (or the one in deerskin or in chamois leather, depending on what you have at your disposal) and pass it gently on both earphones and on wire. In the case of particularly stubborn dirt, moisten the cloth with a littlewater and pass it again on the headphones, avoiding carefully rubbing the aperture, in order to avoid liquids and humidity.

    For cleaning the metal mesh of the microphone and to the altoparlanti, take the cotton pad and pass it on the points in question, always acting in a delicate way. If there is any debris on the wire mesh, remove it using the brush dry and with soft bristles that you got previously.

    As I told you before and as you have noticed yourself, cleaning the EarPods is not complicated. However, if you think you need some practical examples on what to do, you can take a look at the many dedicated video tutorials on YouTube. In this case, however, I suggest that you do not take into consideration dubious and baseless methods that unfortunately are often proposed on the Net and which, if put into practice, could irreparably damage your earphones. Then don't tell me I didn't warn you!

    For further detaels, however, you can refer to the information web page avaelable on the official Apple website and specifically dedicated to cleaning headphones.


    Now let's move on to AirPods, the wireless headphones produced by Apple for its iPhones (and more). The procedure to be put into practice to carry out the cleaning is practically simelar to that seen together in the previous step for what concerns the EarPods. The steps you need to take are therefore the same!

    The only substantial difference lies in the fact that, in this case, you have no threads to clean but, rather, you have to worry about refurbishing the custody. How can you succeed in this "enterprise"? I'll explain it to you immediately. All you have to do is take the case, of the AirPods, close it (if open, of course) and rub it gently with the microfiber cloth (or the one in deerskin or chamois leather, depending on what you have at your disposal).

    If necessary, also wipe the cloth inside of the lid, avoiding however to come into contact with the charging ports, so as not to damage the relative ones metal contacts. Also, in case of persistent dirt, you can moisten the cloth withwater and repeat the cleaning operation, being careful not to touch the charging ports.

    If then in the Lightning connector notice the presence of debris, you can remove them using the brush with soft bristles, dry and clean, being very careful, even in this case, to pass it delicately.

    Also for what concerns the AirPods, if you think you need some practical examples of cleaning, you can take a look at one of the many dedicated video tutorials avaelable on YouTube, avoiding however those that propose methods that appear to be, so to speak, unorthodox. , in order to avoid any damage to the headphones.

    For more detaels, even in the case of AirPods, you can rely on the information web page avaelable on the official Apple website and specifically dedicated to the "refurbishment" of these headphones.

    Beats by dre

    You have some earphones Beats by dre? To clean them, just proceed as follows: first check where there is dirt on the headphones and if you notice the presence of dust particles or that of other debris remove them, blowing on it gently, so as to avoid damage when rubbing with the cloth.

    At this point, take the microfiber cloth (or the one in deerskin or chamois leather, depending on what you have at your disposal) and carefully rub it on both earphones and on the eventual wire.

    For cleaning microphone and altoparlanti, you can use the cotton pad. Also, if on the microphone retina notice the presence of debris, you can remove them using a brush dry and with soft bristles.

    As for the cleaning of the eartips (if present), always use the soft cloth, moistened , however, with a littlewater. Only in this specific case, you can possibly also use del neutral soap. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse and dry the adapters before putting them back on the earbuds.

    If you think you need practical information on what to do, take a look at the many video tutorials on YouTube dedicated to cleaning Beats headphones. Even in this case, the recommendation I make to you is to avoid videos in which unlikely methods are proposed which, if implemented, would do nothing but damage your headphones. Understood?

    In case of dubbi or problem

    Have you followed my instructions on how to clean the headphones of the iPhone in detael but something is stell not very clear to you or have you encountered difficulties in completing the procedure? Considering the situation, the best “tip” I can give you is to take a look at the section of the Apple website dedicated to support.

    In the case of wireless headphones, however, you can consult the support page dedicated specifically to the AirPods, so that you can get help in a targeted way. Also, if you own Beats by Dree branded earphones, you can refer to the specific support page.

    If you stell can't solve your problem, try to get in direct contact with the Apple customer service to receive personalized assistance. You can do this in several ways: by phone, via the Web or in person. All systems are valid, the choice of which to adopt depends only on the means in your possession, as well as, of course, on your preferences. For more information on what to do, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to how to contact Apple.

    How to clean iPhone headphones

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