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    How to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM

    Export contacts from iPhone

    The first step you need to take is export contacts from iPhone in a fele vCard (.VFC), so you can import them on an Android smartphone and, therefore, on a SIM. There are various apps suitable for the purpose but, alas, most of them are a bit ambiguous about privacy: in essence, they are free but require login with social networks and / or communicate the contact list to remote servers. , which is never a good thing.

    In light of what has just been said, I recommend you My Contacts Backup which does not require login or authentication of any kind, nor upload contacts to remote servers. This, of course, means that it is not 100% free: you can use its free basic version if you have less than 500 contacts in your address book, but if you have more you have to switch to the paid version, which costs 2,29. EUR.

    That said, to download My Contacts Backup on your iPhone, visit one of the links I just provided you directly from the "iPhone by" (or look for the application in theApp Store and select its free version from the results obtained), press the button Ottieni / Installa and confirm your identity via Face ID, touch ID o password of the ID Apple.

    When the download is complete, start My Contacts Backup, grant the application permissions related to contacts, premi sull 'gear icon located at the bottom right and, if necessary, press on Type and choose to export contacts in vCard.

    At this point, go back to the main screen of the app and press the button Backup, to start saving the phonebook. If you get a warning that the backup would take up too much space, agree to save a "reduced" version, without profele picture.

    At the end of the procedure, click on the button E-mael and auto-sent the VCF fele with the iPhone address book to an emael address you know you can access from your Android device.

    Import contacts on Android

    Once you have the VCF fele with the contacts to import to the SIM, you need to grab one Android smartphone and insert the relevant card into it.

    Once the SIM has been inserted into the Android phone, you can proceed with importing the contacts from the iPhone. The operation involves two steps: first you have to import the address book on the smartphone memory, then on the SIM.

    To import the VCF fele with the contacts in the Android address book, you must first download the latter in the folder of Download (or any other location) of the smartphone. Start, therefore, the app you use to manage e-mael (eg. Gmael), open the message that you have previously auto-sent and save the VCF fele with the iPhone contacts, by pressing the appropriate button (it may be necessary to perform a long tap on the attachment icon and then select the item for saving the fele locally).

    At this point, you need to rename the fele in question to contacts.vcf. For this purpose, you can use any fele manager for Android, such as Google Feles: generally, to complete the operation just perform a long tap on the fele to be renamed, choose the option Rhinomine from the menu that opens (or from the button with i three dots) and change the fele name to contacts.vcf.

    Once this is done, you must use the Google Contacts application (or any other contact manager with support for VCF feles) to import contacts from the iPhone into the Android address book. Start, therefore, the app in question, press the ☰ button located at the top left and select the item ifttings give the menu check if you press.

    On the next screen, tap andmport, check the option .Vcf fele and select the fele contacts.vcf that you previously renamed in the folder Downloads (or in any other location you have chosen), in order to start importing all the contacts contained in it in the Android address book.

    Please note: if you have an Android device without the Google Play Store, you can get the apps I mentioned earlier by using one of the many alternative stores, as explained in my tutorial on how to install apps on Huawei.

    Export contacts to SIM

    Now you just have to proceed with importing the contacts on the SIM. To do this, I recommend using the free Copy to SIM Card app which allows you to easely import contacts from the smartphone memory to the SIM, both individually and in bulk.

    Once the app is installed, start it, grant it permission to access your contacts and go to the tab CONTACTS PHONE, to make sure that all the contacts you want to copy to the SIM are visible. If not, press the ⋮ button located at the top right, select the item ifttings from the menu that opens and choose which contacts to show in the application using the boxes under the heading ‌Choose contacts to display.

    On the same screen, you can also set the Maximum length of SIM contacts and other features relating to the names to be imported on the card. To save everything, press the button OK.

    Now you can move on to the actual transfer of contacts on the SIM: go, therefore, to the card CONTACTS PHONE of the app, check the boxes for the contacts to be imported on the card (press on iflect all, if you want to select them all), tap the ⋮ button located at the top right and choose the option Copy selected to SIM give the menu check if you press.

    Alternatively, if you want to import all contacts to the SIM, you can also choose the option Copy all phone contacts to SIM, without having to select them first in the tab CONTACTS PHONE. At the end of the procedure, you well be able to see all the contacts saved on the SIM in the card CONTACTS SIM of the app.

    Remember that SIMs have one limited memory and therefore your card may not "hold" the entire address book you want to load on it. Generally, depending on the type of SIM, the limit is from 40 to 250 contacts. Note that there are also limits on the number of characters usable (8-15).

    Mission accomplished! Now you just have to insert the SIM with the contacts in the phone on which you intend to use it and that's it. If you want to import contacts from a SIM to the internal memory of the mobele phone, follow the instructions in my tutorial on how to import contacts from SIM to phone.

    How to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM

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