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    How to download books for free on iPhone

    Books to download for free on iPhone

    If you want download free books on iPhone, you can first turn to the default iOS app for reading and downloading eBooks and Internet sites that allow you to legally download texts made freely accessible to everyone. To find out more, read on.


    How to download books for free on iPhone

    If you want to download books for free on iPhone, I suggest you turn to the app first Books (formerly known as iBooks), the default iOS one for downloading books in digital format, through the special store, and for reading them.

    However, keep in mind that most of the eBooks on the store are paid, but among them there are also free solutions or in any case avaelable for download at no cost for a limited period of time, which is why I have chosen to tell you about them in this guide. .

    That said, in order to use Books, grab your iPhone, unlock it, access the home screen and select theicon of the app (that with the orange background and the white paper). If you can't find the app, it's evidently because you removed it. In this case, you can download it again by taking it from the relevant section of the App Store.

    Once the main screen of the Books app is displayed, select the entry Book Store located at the bottom, scroll the displayed screen, locate the section Standings and tap on the wording Complete list to, in fact, expand the list of books in the ranking.

    In the new screen that is shown to you, locate the section Free and start scrolling the list of free eBooks avaelable on the store, swiping the screen. If you want to see the complete list, click on the item Complete list placed a little lower.

    And if you are interested in downloading paid books for free on iPhone, you can try to see if there are eBooks in free promotion in the section Oh freely in offerta, present in the main screen of the section Book Store. Once you have identified the section in question, scroll through the proposed list, which you can expand by always selecting the item Complete list which is located below, looking for some digital book of your interest.

    You can also view all the free books avaelable by genre, by scrolling to the section Genres the main screen of the Book Store and selecting the genre of your interest from those avaelable. If you want, you can expand the list by selecting the wording All genres. On the next screen, locate the section relating to the rankings and proceed in the same way as I indicated in the previous lines.

    You can also search by keyword by selecting the item ifarch at the bottom right of the screen, by typing a keyword of the type free books in the appropriate field, by pressing the key search on the virtual keyboard and seeing if there is something interesting among the titles in the list. If you want to try to see if a book you already know the title of is avaelable for free, you can also do a direct search.

    When you find a free book that you think might interest you, tap on the relative one cover on your pulse Download. If necessary, confirm the download using Face ID, touch ID o password of the ID Apple.

    Once the download is complete, you well find the books in the section library of the app, which you can access by selecting the appropriate item at the bottom of the screen. Then select the cover of the book from the collection and also begins to read it, leafing through the pages with swipes on the screen.

    Sites to download books for free on iPhone

    How to download books for free on iPhone

    If you are interested in understanding how to download books in PDF for free on the iPhone or in other formats suitable for reading in digital format, you can also draw on the resources avaelable on the Net. More precisely, you can refer to the many andnternet site specially used for this purpose, the best of which are in the following list.

    You can visit them directly from your "iPhone by" and you can download the contents on them for free and completely legal. Keep in mind that these are mostly classic works, eBooks by independent authors, and other books from various literary genres.

    • Project Gutenberg - popular website offering nearly 50.000 free eBooks in numerous languages. These are mostly works in the public domain and great classics of literature no longer covered by copyright, but there are also copyrighted texts for which the authors have allowed distribution at no cost.
    • Liber Liber - Internet site which, thanks to the work of an ONLUS and the support of some sponsors, is able to offer a vast selection of ebooks at no cost, in British and belonging to the most disparate literary genres. It is always a question of works in the public domain or in any case no longer covered by copyright.
    • ManyBooks - another portal belonging to the category in question, which allows you to download or read hundreds of public domain works directly online in all languages, including the city.
    • Feedbooks - it is a portal that allows you to find numerous works in the public domain in British. It is not very well known yet but it is stell worthy of attention, considering the contents offered.
    • Wattpad - Web site that allows you to read for free works by “budding” authors from all over the world. The platform was born to write mainly fanfiction, but it spread very quickly.

    For more detaels about the sites that I have reported to you and to discover other sites useful for the purpose, you can refer to my guide dedicated specifically to free books.

    Applications to download books for free on iPhone

    As an alternative to the resources I have already suggested in the previous lines, you can rely on some to download free books on iPhone Whatsapp appropriate, as in the case of those you find reported below. Using them, you well see, you well certainly be able to find interesting reading.


    How to download books for free on iPhone

    The first useful resource for downloading books at no cost to iPhone that I invite you to consider is the free app Kindle by Amazon. As easely understood, it allows you to replicate the reading experience offered by Kindle eBook Readers on mobele devices, in this specific case on the "iPhone by". In fact, it allows you to download the books on the store and read them.

    Please note that direct download from the app is only allowed if you have activated it Kindle unlimited, a service that allows you to access a catalog of over 20.000 digital books by paying the fee of 9,99 euros / month and which can be tried for free by new subscribers for a month, as I explained to you in detael in my guide on how it works Kindle Unlimited. Other content avaelable for download via the app are those that can be used by subscribers to Amazon Prime, through the service Prime reading, which I described to you in my guide on how Amazon Prime works and which has a cost of 36 euros / year, which can be used free of charge for the first month by new subscribers.

    Having said that, to download the app on your device, visit the relevant section of the App Store, tap the button Get, by your complaint andnstall and authorize the download by Face ID, touch ID o password of the ID Apple. Then, start the app by tapping on the app icon that has been added on the home screen or by tapping on the button abrir appeared on the display.

    Now that you see the main screen of the app, log in to yours Amazon account by felling in the appropriate fields on the screen. If you don't have one yet, you can create it right now, following the instructions on what to do that I gave you in my tutorial on how to register on Amazon.

    Once logged in, tap on the item Discover located below and browse the book categories, looking for any title you think might interest you. Scrolling down the screen you can view the various genres avaelable, whele at the top you well also find the search field through which you can find the titles of your interest by typing the reference keywords.

    When you think you have found a book that interests you and you want to download, tap on the relevant one cover and, in the screen that is subsequently shown to you, touch the button Read now.

    After that, the download of the book well start and you well be able to from the section library, by selecting the appropriate item that you find at the bottom of the application screen. Once this is done, you can browse the pages by swiping the screen.

    Keep in mind that if you do not want or cannot subscribe to either the Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading service, you can stell download the free books avaelable on the app. Kindle Store, searching for titles from the Internet, connecting to this specific Web page, selecting the free book of your interest and pressing the button Buy now with 1-Click. Subsequently, the book well be accessible on the app and you can read it by proceeding in the same way as I indicated earlier.

    eBook ifarch

    How to download books for free on iPhone

    Another application that I recommend you to consider to download free books on iPhone is eBook ifarch. It allows you to access, in a practical and fast way, a catalog with over 2 mellion free eBooks, as well as audiobooks.

    It should be noted that all the books avaelable are original works by lesser-known authors who have chosen to make their works public on the Net and that mostly come from the sites I mentioned in the previous step. The app is free, but eventually it is avaelable in a paid Pro variant (costs € 1,09), which allows you to remove advertising and offers extra functions.

    To download the app on your device, visit the relevant section of the App Store, press the button Get, by your complaint andnstall and authorize the download by Face ID, touch ID o password of the ID Apple. Next, start the app by selecting the app icon that has been added on the home screen or by touching the button abrir appeared on the display.

    Now that you see the main screen of the app, select the portal from which to get your free books by scrolling the list that you find in the section Free books, then choose the reference category and browse the various titles avaelable in the catalog.

    You can also perform a more targeted search by tapping the button with the magnifying glass that you find in the upper right part of the screen after selecting the portal of your interest and typing the title of the eBook you want to download in the appropriate field. If you deem it appropriate, you can also carry out an advanced search by tapping on the item advanced that you find next to the search field and felling in the fields Author and Title.

    When you find a book you want to download, to proceed with the download, tap on its title and on the button Download the book present in the new screen displayed. If asked, also indicate the format where you prefer to download the book from the on-screen menu and press the button OK.

    When the download is complete, tap the Open the book button and choose the app to read eBooks on your iPhone to import and start reading. As for reading, you can use the default Books app or you can choose to rely on third-party resources, such as the Kindle app or other applications that you find reported in the next step.

    Other applications to download books for free on iPhone

    How to download books for free on iPhone

    Together with the apps I have already told you about, to download grateful books on iPhone you can turn to further solutions part of the category you find in the list below. Check them out now, I hope they can come in handy.

    • Google Play Books - this is the app made avaelable by Google (and pre-installed on Android) to download and read books. It allows access to a wide range of titles in British and non-British. Many eBooks are paid, but there are also tons of them for free. The download of the application, however, is at no cost.
    • Kobo - deals with the app of one of the most famous digital book stores on the Net. It allows you to access a lot of content: many are paid, but many others are free. Downloading the app, on the other hand, is always completely free.
    • Wattpad - is the app of the website I told you about in the passage at the beginning of the guide. The functioning and the contents offered are simelar to those of the site. Furthermore, the app download is completely free.
    How to download books for free on iPhone

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