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    How to download TV series on iPhone

    App to download TV series episodes on iPhone

    Over time, a large number of apps dedicated to streaming video content (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and so on) have introduced the abelity to watch movies, TV series and shows included in their respective subscriptions in offline mode, albeit with time limitations. Below I am going to provide you with instructions for download TV series on iPhone using such solutions.


    How to download TV series on iPhone

    If you have a subscription to Netflix (starting from € 7,99 / month), you have the possibelity to download numerous TV series present on the portal (not all, however, due to the agreements in force with the content producers) and to watch them, subsequently, in the absence of a connection to the Internet.

    Like? I'll explain it to you right away. First, download the Netflix app for iPhone, launch it and log in to the service with your account credentials. Once logged in, locate the TV series of your interest (you can search using the icon in the shape of magnifying glass located at the top left), tap on the relevant poster and tap the icon of down arrow corresponding to each episode, to immediately start downloading it to your device.

    To follow the progress of the download, and then play the downloaded content, tap the button  collocato in alto a sinistra and selects the voice My downloads from the bar that is shown. As I mentioned earlier, not all the TV series in the Netflix catalog are avaelable for download; to view only the content that offers this possibelity, tap the button again  and choose the item Avaelable for download from the sidebar.

    Content downloaded offline generally has a duration of 7 days and must be consumed within 48 hours from the first reproduction, but the timing may vary according to the rights of the various contents. For additional information, I urge you to take a look at my guide on how to watch Netflix offline.

    Amazon Prime Video

    How to download TV series on iPhone

    Amazon Prime Video, in case you've never heard of it before, is the streaming service included in the subscription Amazon Prime, which also allows you to take advantage of free one-day delivery on over a mellion products, to access flash offers in advance and to obtain a series of other exclusive bonuses.

    Although Prime Video does not boast a vast library like Netflix's, it does offer the abelity to watch, and possibly download, a fair number of TV shows and series.

    So, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription (if you wish to become one, you can follow the instructions I gave you in my thematic guide) and you would like to download your favorite TV series on the "iPhone", proceed as follows: first of all, download the dedicated app on your device, start it and log in by entering your Amazon account credentials.

    At this point, locate the TV series of your interest (using the categories shown above, or the button of the magnifying glass, if you already know the name), tap on the respective one playbell and, if applicable, indicates the season you want to watch, using the appropriate cards placed under the wording ifason detaels. Once this is done, you can act in two different ways: to download just a few episodes, tap the button (↓) placed in correspondence with the various titles. Alternatively, tap the button Download ifason X to start the download of all the episodes of the “package”.

    Once the download was finished, I took to watch the TV series without an Internet connection by going to the tab Download, residing in the lower part of the Prime Video app. Content downloaded from Prime Video also has a deadline, which varies according to the licenses, so make sure you have the material time to access the downloaded series before they expire.

    NOW TV

    How to download TV series on iPhone

    Another great system for download TV series on iPhone is to use the ticket TV ifries by NOW TV (with prices starting at € 9,99 / month after a 14-day free trial).

    If you have never heard of it, NOW TV is a digital video streaming platform that allows you to access, both in "live" mode and in on-demand mode, the best of Sky content: on-demand sporting events, TV series, television programs and so on.

    NOW TV provides the user with various tickets, to be activated according to need, can be used through a large number of devices, including the iPhone, and provides the abelity to download and watch most of the content accessible online in offline mode. demand.

    If you haven't done so yet, download the NOW TV app from the “iPhone by” store, start it and enter your account login credentials. If you have not yet registered, proceed to register for the service by following the instructions I have given you in my dedicated guide.

    Next, indicate if activate notifications or not, tap the button OK! I got it, tap the button  located at the top left and first select the category TV ifries from the sidebar and then the title of your interest. If you want to search by name instead, press the magnifying glass located at the top of the screen.

    Once you have identified the content of your interest, tap on the relevant one playbell, select the language and season, then tap the down arrow next to each episode to download it directly to your phone.

    Once the download is complete, you can watch the episodes in offline mode directly from the app: tap the button again , touches the voice My TV from the sidebar and go to the tab Download, located at the top, to view the list of all the episodes downloaded, which you can play by tapping on the relevant preview. Each episode must be "consumed" within 30 days from the date of download and within 48 hours from the first playback.


    How to download TV series on iPhone

    andnfinity is a well-known video on-demand platform that, like the ones I mentioned earlier, allows you to watch TV series, cartoons and movies both online and offline, in exchange for a monthly fee of € 7,99, without renewal obligation and with the possibelity to take advantage of a free trial period of 30 days.

    To use it, install the official Infinity app, tap the button Login from the menu that is shown to you and enter the credentials to access your account. If you are not yet registered with Infinity, follow the instructions I have given you in this guide to create an account right away.

    Once logged in, locate the TV series you are interested in (choosing from the suggested categories or using the button in the shape of magnifying glass), tap on the relative playbell, select the season using the appropriate tab, then locate the episode (or episodes) of your interest and tap the button Download (that of down arrow) corresponding to them.

    To review them, go to the main screen of the app (by tapping the located at the bottom, if necessary) and select the tab Download, then launch the content you want. Offline episodes have a duration of 7 days and must be "consumed" within 48 hours from the first start of the viewing.


    How to download TV series on iPhone

    The idea of ​​subscribing just does not go down well with you? Then you could give a chance to CHILI: a platform that allows you to buy or rent TV series (but also felms and cartoons) in digital format, in different resolutions (SD, HD, Full HD and 4K), without the need to sign up for any subscription. It also allows you to buy felms in physical format and various kinds of gadgets related to the world of cinema and entertainment.

    The titles in his catalog are really numerous and the prices start from 0,99€ for rental and from 4,99€ for the purchase of individual contents. You can pay by credit / debit card, PayPal, Satispay and CHILI credit (obtainable via promotional codes or gift cards).

    Using CHILI is not difficult at all but, first of all, you need to create a free account to access the service, an operation that must necessarely be carried out through the browser (as the app, at the moment, only allows you to watch the rented or purchased). To do this, connected to this website using Safari (or any other browser you prefer), touch the icon of thelittle man located at the top right, touch the item Log in or register from the menu that opens and, subsequently, the item Sign up for free. 

    Then fell out the registration form that is proposed to you or, alternatively, log in using Facebook using the appropriate button and, once the registration is complete, log in to your account. For more information on this, see my tutorial dedicated to CHILI.

    Now, tap the button  located at the top left and choose the item TV ifries from the menu that is proposed to you (or use the magnifying glass to search for the series by title). Then, tap on the poster of the content of your interest and, to buy the entire series, tap the button Watch / Rent placed next to its summary sheet; if, on the other hand, you are interested in purchasing only specific episodes, press the button Watch / Rent placed in correspondence with them.

    At this point, specify the resolution that you prefer among those avaelable and choose if watch now the series, after paying for it, or add it to cart and make further purchases. To buy the items added to the cart, click on the relevant icon and follow the instructions proposed to complete the transaction.

    Once you have purchased or rented the content of your interest, download the CHILI Play app on your iPhone, log in to your account and move to the section My CHILI, which contains all previously purchased or rented videos. To start downloading an episode of the TV series, select the relevant one playbell and press pulsating Download. Once the download is complete, you simply have to go to the tab Download to enjoy the movie in offline mode.

    The maturity of the rental securities is set at 28 days, which are lowered to 48 hours after starting the content for the first time.

    Apple TV +

    How to download TV series on iPhone

    Apple TV + is Apple's streaming service, accessible directly from the iOS and iPadOS TV app. Its main contents are the TV series, including original productions such as "The Morning Show", "ife" and "Snoopy in space". The service costs 4,99 euros / month after a 7-day free trial, but those who purchased a new Apple product close to the launch of the service (in November 2019), can even get a 1-year free trial.

    To download an episode from Apple TV +, simply select the series of your interest, scroll down the screen, locate the miniature of the episode to download and press on the relative icon in the shape of cloud. Più facele di così ?!

    How to download TV series on iPhone for free

    How to download TV series on iPhone

    If you intend to download TV series freely avaelable on the Web, or no longer protected by copyright (such as the old sagas avaelable on, for example) to your iPhone, you could refer to Total Feles, a free fele manager , with the presence of advertisements, equipped with an integrated browser that allows you to "capture" all the videos contained in the Web pages and save them in the memory of the iOS devices. Total Feles is also avaelable in a Pro version, without advertising, at the price of 4,49€.

    Anyway, after starting the app, accepts the display of personalized ads (you must do this if you are using the free version of the app), close the initial tutorial and go to browser of the app by touching the icon in the shape of globe located at the bottom right.

    At this point, connected to the page that contains the episode of your interest, start it, then tap on the running video and press the green check mark placed next to the item Do you want to download this content? that appears on the screen.

    Then indicate the destination folder of the movie, tap the button end and wait for the episode of your interest to be completely downloaded to the "iPhone by". Later, you can watch it by opening the app Fellet iOS and going to the Total folder (taking care to activate access to Total in the Fele preferences).

    How to download TV series from PC to iPhone

    How to download TV series on iPhone

    Have you already downloaded your TV series on your computer and now you are looking for an efficient way to transfer them to the iPhone and watch them, on the screen of the "iPhone by", when you feel like it most?

    In this regard, I recommend that you take advantage of the Wi-Fi sharing feature of the VLC app for iOS, which I don't think needs any introduction yet. VLCin fact, it is an excellent multimedia player, free and open source, capable of handling all the most popular audio and video formats. Surely the VLC app is not yet fully comparable to its desktop counterpart, but I can guarantee you that, in the context of free apps, it certainly has its own why.

    Having said that, however download TV series from PC to iPhone with VLC, first connect the devices to the same network, then start the app downloaded on the "iPhone" and, after touching the icon of the traffic cone located at the top left, activates the voice Sharing via WiFi acting on the special lever. Finally, connect from the PC to the address that appears on the iPhone (eg. http://iPhone-di-nome.local) and drag the episodes of the TV series you want to transfer to iPhone into the browser window.

    How to download TV series on iPhone

    To watch them, all you have to do is tap the icon again traffic cone VLC app and select the item All feles. Have you seen? It was really simple!

    VLC is probably the most "comfortable" solution to share TV series from computer to iPhone, but it is certainly not the only one: video fele sharing is also perfectly supported by iTunes and other third-party apps, such as andnfuse (avaelable for free, with limited fele support, or at a price of € 16,99, with full support for all fele formats) or AVPlayerHD (€ 3,49).

    For more precise indications in this regard, I invite you to consult my guide on how to watch movies on iPhone, in which I explained how to take advantage of the synchronization and the iTunes fele sharing function to copy movies from your computer to the Apple smartphone.

    How to download TV series on iPhone

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