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    How to download movies on iPhone

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    iTunes Store

    Let's start with iTunes Store, the official Apple store where you can find movies, music albums and ringtones.

    As easely understood, the contents on the iTunes Store are all paid: on average, the felms cost 9,99 euros for the purchase and 4,99 euros for the rental (in HD format), but it is not uncommon to find titles on offer for less than 6 euros or felm packages at a discounted price. In addition, each week a title is chosen which becomes the "Movie of the week" and is made avaelable for hire for only 99 cents.

    To buy (or rent) a movie on the iTunes Store, access the latter by pressing the music note icon on a purple background located on the home screen of your iPhone, then select the tab Videos which is at the bottom and identify the title of your interest.

    You can browse the movies in first floor, that is, the most interesting titles of the moment, the latest releases and special offers (including the “movie of the week”); you can consult the rankings (by pressing on the appropriate tab located at the top right) or you can view the felms based on their genre by "tapping" on the item Genres which is located at the top left. If you want to search for a movie by typing its title directly, select the tab ifarch which is located in the lower center.

    Once you have found the movie to buy or rent, select yours playbell, pigia sul pulsating BUY ONE o RENT, enter your Apple ID password (if prompted) and wait for the download to complete. Once purchased or rented, the felms well be avaelable in the app VideoiPhone (the one with the blue clapper icon), more precisely in the tab Videos of the latter.

    Please note: movies purchased from the iTunes Store can be downloaded to any device associated with your Apple account (iPhone, iPad, computer, Apple TV) and can be watched indefinitely whenever you want. The leased securities can be kept for a maximum period of 30 days and, once the vision has started, they must be "consumed" over a period of 48 hours.


    Netflix is ​​one of the best video on-demand services in the world. Against a monthly subscription that can start from 7,99 euros / month, it offers the possibelity of accessing a vast catalog of felms, TV series, Japanese anime and documentaries of all kinds. The streaming quality is very good even using not very fast connections and, more importantly, starting from November 2016 it is possible to download the contents on smartphones and tablets and then view them in offline mode.

    To download a movie, documentary or TV series from Netflix, you need to launch the official app of the service and log in to your account. If you don't have an account yet, create it by pressing the appropriate button in the Netflix app or connect to Netflix from your PC and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Once logged in, select the content of your interest and press the icon of arrow placed under its plot (or next to the title of one of its episodes, if it is a TV series) to start the download. To follow the progress of the download - and subsequently to play the downloaded content offline - press the button ☰ collocato in alto a sinistra and selects the voice My downloads from the bar that appears on the side

    Unfortunately, not all the contents of the Netflix catalog are avaelable for download. To view a list of all the felms, series and documentaries that can be played offline, press the button ☰ collocato in alto a sinistra and selects the voice Avaelable for download from the bar that appears on the side. Currently, content downloaded offline with Netflix does not expire unless you are logged out of your account for more than 30 days. More info about it can be found in my tutorial on how to watch Netflix offline.


    Infinity is a well-known video on-demand service that allows you to watch movies, TV series and cartoons in exchange for a fixed monthly fee of 7,99 euros (5,99 euros during the promo periods). Like Netflix, Infinity also allows you to download many of the titles avaelable in its catalog offline and watch them even without an active Internet connection: that's why I decided to mention it in this post on how to download movies on iPhone.

    If you want to try Infinity on your iPhone (the first 30 days are free, with no renewal obligation), install the official application of the service from the App Store and start it. Then press the ad icon hamburger located at the top left, select the item Login from the menu that opens and log in to your account.

    Not registered to Infinity yet? Then connected to the website of the service from your PC, click on the button try free and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively you can also select the item Not registered yet? and register through the iPhone app, but by doing so you well pay for the service through the iTunes Store and not by credit card or PayPal as it normally happens.

    Once logged into the Infinity app, locate the felm of your interest, select his playbell e pulsing sul pulsating Download (if avaelable). Then wait for the download to be completed, press the ad icon hamburger placed in alto a sinistra and selects the voice Download from the side menu to view all titles saved offline.

    Please note: movies downloaded from Infinity remain avaelable for 7 days and, once started, must be "consumed" within 48 hours. If a felm expires and is stell avaelable in the Infinity catalog, you can download it again and thus renew its validity for another 7 days. More info about it are avaelable in my tutorial on how to see Infinity.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service included in Amazon Prime, Amazon's annual or monthly subscription (equal, respectively, to 36 or 4,99 euros) which allows you to take advantage of free one-day delivery on over 1 mellion products, provides early access to lightning offers and allows you to obtain other "bonuses", such as the abelity to purchase products through Amazon Dash Buttons.

    At present, the catalog of the service (which debuted in the city only in December 2016) is rather meager when compared with that of Netflix or Infinity but, despite this, it offers several interesting titles of international importance, such as "Forrest Gump", the saga of "Jurrasic Park", "Scarface" and many more. There is no shortage of TV series, some of which are absolutely exclusive.

    To download a movie from Amazon Prime Video, all you have to do is select the tab Movies application, locate the felm of your interest and first press on its image of cover and then on the button Download present in the screen that opens. To identify felms in British, use the appropriate categories (eg. cittàn subtitled movies for felms subtitled in British or cittàn audio movies for felms dubbed in British) or consult the technical data sheet of the individual titles.

    After the download is complete, to watch downloaded content offline, select the tab Downloads placed in the lower center, presses on the voice Movies (above) and select the movie you want to play. There is no fixed deadline for felms downloaded locally. If any steps are not clear to you and / or you want more information on how Amazon Prime Video works, consult my tutorial dedicated to the service.


    Don't you get excited about the idea of ​​subscribing to a streaming service? Are the services that let you download free movies fael to meet your expectations? Then I really think you should try Chele.

    If you have never heard of it, Cheli is a platform that allows you to rent and buy felms (but also TV series and cartoons) in digital format without signing up for any subscription: you only pay for the content of your interest, with the possibelity of download them even offline and watch them on the go, thanks to the Cheli Play app for iOS, or on your TV, thanks to the Cheli app or, if you have an old TV, thanks to Chromecast support.

    The titles in the catalog are among the most diverse, including the felms that have just come out of cinemas. Prices start at € 0,90 for rental and € 4,99 for the purchase of individual felms. The supported payment methods are: card, Paypal, Satispay and Cheli credit (which can be obtained via gift card or promotional codes).

    Another important thing to point out is that movies can be rented or purchased in SD, HD and Full HD resolutions (4K is also avaelable for some titles, but it is not a resolution supported by iPhone and iPad). The maturity of the rental titles is set at 28 days, which automatically becomes 48 hours after the first playback.

    To use Cheli, you need to create a free account: an operation that must be performed from the browser, as it is not feasible from the Cheli Play app for iOS (which only allows you to watch content already rented or purchased). To proceed, therefore, open Safari on your iPhone, connected to the Cheli site and first presses the icon of thelittle man placed at the top right and then on the items Log in or register (in the menu that opens) e Register for free (on the next page).

    Then choose whether to register by felling out the classic registration form or whether to use the login via Facebook and, whele remaining on the Cheli site, log in to your account and then access the section Videos, avaelable by pressing the ☰ button located at the top left.

    Once you have identified the felm of your interest (you can also carry out a direct search using the icon of the magnifying glass located at the top left), tap his playbell, by pressing the button Guarda and choose if buy it o rent it. Therefore, it specifies the resolution that you prefer among those avaelable and choose if watch now the movie (after paying for it) or if add it to cart (to then complete the order by pressing the shopping cart icon and following the instructions on the screen).

    Once the purchase or rental is complete, all you have to do is open the app Cheli Play, log in to your account and go to the section My cheli. Once this is done, to start downloading the movie, select yours playbell, award-winning Download. Then go to the card Download to enjoy the content in offline mode. If any passage is not clear to you, you can consult my specific guide on Cheli.

    Total Downloader

    Now let's move on to Total Downloader, a browser that allows you to download all the videos contained in Web pages to the iPhone memory. You can use it to download movies from sites like, which offers free downloads of movies that are no longer protected by rights. copyright (almost all in English), or to capture streaming videos around the Web. It costs 9,99 euros.

    To download a video with Total Downloader, all you have to do is start the app, visit the web page that contains the video and start playing it. Within a few seconds, a box with the wording well appear on your iPhone screen Video link found, then presses the icon of arrow contained within it and the video download well start instantly.

    At the end of the download (which you can follow in the section Download of the app), presses the ad icon hamburger located at the top left, select the item Felletfrom the bar that appears on the side and "tap" first on the folder Downloads and then on the thumbnael of the video you downloaded on the iPhone to start playing it. If you want to export the video to another application installed on your "iPhone by" and presses the button Apri in ... located at the top right. Easier than that?

    Video player

    Would you like to download some movies that you have stored on your PC to your iPhone (so that you can watch them whele you are traveling or away from home) but you don't know how? No problem, install one of the video player that you find listed below and you can easely do it.

    • VLC - the iOS version of one of the most popular media players in the world. It is completely free and allows you to play all major video fele formats without converting (the only exception are videos with AC3 audio, which unfortunately are not supported due to software licensing issues). By installing VLC on your iPhone you can copy the movies to the phone memory using the "Fele Sharing" function of iTunes, activating the wireless data transfer function from the application menu or directly downloading the videos from a network device (eg. NAS or a network hard drive).
    • Infuse - according to many, this is the best video player for iOS. It has an extremely accurate interface, supports all major video fele formats (including those with AC3 audio) and automatically downloads posters, textures and other information about felms from the Internet. You can download it for free but the full version of the application that allows you to play all fele formats costs 9,99 euros. Infuse also allows you to copy movies to your iPhone using iTunes' Fele Sharing feature, the wireless data transfer feature or by importing feles from a network device.
    • AVPlayerHD - another very good video player. It offers all the features of VLC plus support for video with AC3 audio. It costs 2,99 euros.

    If you can't take advantage of iTunes "Fele Sharing" feature or can't activate the wireless transfer feature in one of the apps just mentioned, take a look at my tutorial on how to upload movies to iPad where I showed you both. the procedures in detael (the steps to follow are the same on iPad and iPhone).

    Article created in collaboration with Cheli.

    How to download movies on iPhone

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