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    How to download music from iPhone

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    Download music from iPhone with iTunes

    iTunes is the Apple multimedia player but it is also the store through which you can buy multimedia content for Apple devices. It is also the software that allows you to manage all iDevices from OS X and Windows. To download music from iPhone, simply use it in the form of a multimedia store.

    If you are therefore interested in understanding how to download music from iPhone via iTunes, the first step you need to take is to access the home screen of your device and press the icon of iTunes Store (the purple one with the musical note). Once this is done, you well be shown a screen where you can access music, movies, ringtones and much more for your device. In the specific case of music, you can take a look at the avaelable musical contents by pressing on the voice Music placed at the bottom.

    At this point you can choose whether to browse the featured content (i.e. the latest releases) or to consult the iTunes rankings (the most downloaded content by users) by selecting the appropriate tabs located at the top of the screen. If, on the other hand, you want to carry out a targeted search, press the button ifarch positioned in the lower center.

    To purchase content from the iTunes Store, select its cover and first press the button with the price and then click on Buy the song o Buy album (the wording may vary depending on whether you decide to purchase a single song or an entire music album). It is possible to get your hands on a catalog consisting of mellions of songs and albums at very affordable figures: we are talking about prices usually equal to 10,99 € for albums and 1,29 € for single songs but there are also special offers with songs marketed to 0,69 € and albums avaelable at 5,99 € (if not less). Then, validate your choice by typing your Apple ID password or use the Touch ID (if your iPhone supports it) and wait for the download procedure to start when complete.

    Once a song has downloaded, you well be able to access it from the app Music attached to your device. Songs purchased from the iTunes Store on iPhone well also be avaelable on iTunes for PC and Mac without having to purchase the same content again (the purchase is associated with your account)

    If it may be useful to you, know that in the product sheets avaelable on the iTunes Store you can also find reviews of customers who have already purchased the content and a menu of related items, that is simelar to the one selected and therefore may interest you.

    Now that you have finally figured out how to download music from iPhone with iTunes, if you wish to view a list of all the contents you have purchased through the iTunes Store, know that all you have to do is press the button Other located in the lower right corner of the Apple media store screen and select the item Purchased.

    Download music from iPhone with Apple Music

    To download music from iPhone you can also refer to the Music app that I have already mentioned and that you find already installed on your device. Thanks to the Music app you can listen to your songs but also get your hands on a catalog consisting of mellions of songs and albums after signing up for a subscription to the service Apple Music, which costs € 9,99 / month or € 99 / year for the standard plan and € 14,99 / month for the famely plan.

    So if you intend to download music from iPhone using the Music app, the first thing you need to do is access the home screen of your device, look for the Music and press on it.

    Once the application is started, select the option you want to use to use the service and wait a few moments to allow Apple to validate your request. If you've already applied to use Apple's music service attached to the Music app, you can skip this step.

    Once the subscription has been made, he presses on the item For you oo on the item New present in the lower left part of the screen displayed and then start searching for your favorite music by selecting the various sections avaelable or carrying out a targeted search of the contents to download by pressing the button depicting a magnifying glass at the top and typing the name of the artist, group or song of your interest.

    Then presses the icon of the symbol + placed in correspondence with the content of your interest, in order to add it to your personal library, and the icon of cloud which takes its place, to download it offline.

    Later, you can play the content you downloaded on the "iPhone by" without incurring additional costs and without even having to use an Internet connection simply by accessing the section library of the Music app. Easier than that?

    If any steps aren't clear to you, check out my tutorial on how Apple Music works and you shouldn't have any more problems.

    Download music from iPhone with Spotify

    Spotify is the most famous music streaming service in the world and probably also the one with the largest and most varied catalog. Its basic plan is free but, this is good to keep in mind, to download music from the iPhone it is not enough as it is devoid of download functions and can only be used in shuffle mode (only with listening to songs chosen randomly from the application). In order to activate the download function and therefore to download music from iPhone with Spotify you must subscribe to Spotify Premium which costs 9,99 euros / month or 99 euros / year with a free 30-day trial for new subscribers (it is often also possible to subscribe to Spotify Premium by taking advantage of advantageous offers that allow you to save on the base price, eye). Once you have signed up for the Premium version of the service, downloading an album or playlist is really easy.

    If you are therefore interested in this solution to download music from iPhone, the first thing you need to do is to download the Spotify app on your iPhone. To do this, access the home screen of the device, press the icon of App Store, do tap su ifarch and then type spotify in the search field located at the top. Then tap on the first search result. If you want to speed up the execution of these steps you can also press here directly from your iPhone.

    Press the button now andnstall and then Get placed in correspondence with the Spotify Music app that is shown to you and wait for the app download and installation procedure to be started and completed.

    Now bearing again on the home screen of your iPhone, press the Spotify app icon and wait for the application screen to be visible.

    Once the main screen of the app is displayed, press the icon with the three horizontal lines located at the top left, tap the button in the shape of a gear wheel located at the bottom right in the menu that is shown to you and press on Account. Then tap on Buy Spotify Premium to proceed with the purchase of the Premium version of the service.

    After purchasing the Premium version of Spotify you can finally proceed by going to download music from iPhone. To add a song, album or playlist to your music library, select the latter, press the icon (...) placed next to its title and select the item Save from the menu that appears. Then choose the item Your music from the Spotify sidebar, select the album or playlist to be made avaelable offline and move to ON the relative levetta all'opzione Avaelable offline. To make individual songs you've added to your library avaelable offline, select the item instead Tracks and move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Avaelable offline.

    If you want to know more about how Spotify works I suggest you read my tutorials how Spotify works and how to download songs from Spotify.

    Download music from iPhone with Amazon Music

    Another music streaming service that I invite you to consider is Amazon Music, which, after signing up for an Amazon Prime subscription, allows you to access a catalog of 2 mellion songs, even in offline mode, even if with a listening limit set at 40 hours per month. To remove this limit, you need to subscribe to a plan Amazon Unlimited Music, which instead costs 9,99 euros / month or 99 euros / year.

    Once you have downloaded the Amazon Music app on the iPhone, downloading the music is really a breeze: all you have to do is log in to your Amazon account, find the song of your interest, press on theicon with three vertical dots located next to its title and select the option Download from the menu that opens. To download albums and playlists you can follow the same procedure or press the icon of down arrow present in the menu with the tracklist of the selected album or playlist.

    Later, you can find the downloaded songs in Amazon Music by selecting the tab Recent app and voice Downloads from the screen that opens. For more info, check out my tutorial on how Amazon Music Unlimited works.

    Download music from iPhone with YouTube Music

    With the app YouTube Music, Google wanted to throw its gauntlet to services like Spotify and Apple Music. The one proposed by the Mountain View giant is, in fact, a sort of hybrid between YouTube and the most popular music streaming services. In fact, it allows you to access the entire YouTube music catalog, including unofficial mixes, and to listen to them even offline and in the background, as long as you sign up for a paid subscription.

    The subscription costs 9,99 euros / month or 14,99 euros / month (depending on whether you choose the personal plan or the famely plan, which can be used by 6 people) and there is an initial 3-month free trial. To use it, just start the YouTube Music app, log in to your Google account and accept the activation of the subscription (which can then be managed by tapping on the profele picture at the top right and selecting the item relating to paid subscriptions from the screen that opens).

    When the subscription is activated, to download songs, albums or playlists, just press the ⋮ button next to the title of the latter and select the item Download from the menu that opens. All downloaded content is then made avaelable in the section Collection of the app. For more info, read my YouTube Music tutorial.

    Download music from iPhone with other third party apps

    If the solutions thanks to which to download music from iPhone that I proposed in the previous lines have not caught your attention or if, much more simply, they have not been to your liking, I suggest you try to take a look at my guide app guide for download music to identify any third-party apps that you think may be appropriate for your needs.

    andn this specific case, however, I would like to point out that: _ ellegally downloading music pieces protected by copyright from the Internet is ellegal and that the guide I suggested you to consult was written solely and exclusively for ellustrative purposes. It is therefore not my intention to encourage piracy and therefore I do not take any responsibelity for how you can use the information in the article indicated.

    How to download music from iPhone

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