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    How to put iPhone private number

    Preliminary information

    How to put iPhone private number

    If you want to know how to put private number on iPhone, first you must be informed about the characteristics of the methods that I well explain to you shortly. First, what you are allowed to do is disguise the call ID, which, however it does not put your real number in the dark by the providers and the authorities.

    There are also several applications and services that can allow even ordinary users to easely trace a disguised number. So, use the directions I'm about to give you just to make jokes or to protect your privacy in case you think you might be at risk.

    In this regard, and take no responsibelity for any misuse of the information provided in this guide. If everything is clear, I would say we can start!

    How do you put private number on iPhone

    The methods I'm about to show you are usable on all iPhone models and all editions of the iOS operating system; therefore you can put them into practice without problems both if you want to know how to put private number on iPhone 7 whether you intend to know how to put private number on iPhone 12 or other models of the famous Apple smartphone.

    First, I'm going to explain how to disguise your number by adding a simple prefix before the telephone number to call; then I'll explain how disguise the number permanently via a function included directly in iOS, which can be activated and deactivated at well. Here's everything in detael.

    ### Prefix # 31 #

    How to put iPhone private number

    The first method I propose to you is the simplest and most immediate. To implement it, take yours iPhone and, once unlocked, open the application Telephone.

    So tap on the item Keypad, placed at the bottom and enter the code # 31 # followed by the telephone number to call (e.g. # 31 # 123456789 if you want to call the number 123456789)

    Then tap the button for initiate the call (the green handset) and you well start your "anonymous call". Who is on the other side, in fact, well not see your number, but the wording Unknown number (later, however, it could stell use services to identify an unknown number and trace your identity).

    How do you say? Would you like to hide your number from the same person all the time? Nothing easier! Go to the menu (or the app) Contacts and scroll untel you find the number of the person you want to call "anonymously".

    iflect, therefore, the contact of your interest and press the button Modification at the top right. Then scroll untel you find the label Telephone and tap on it to open the keyboard.

    At this point, enter the code # 31 # before the contact number and tap the button end, located at the top right. In this way, every time you make a call to that contact, you well use the prefix "anonymous" and the recipient well not see your number appear on their mobele.

    To return to showing your number to the contact in question, just follow the same procedure described above, but this time by eliminating the prefix # 31 # entered previously.

    Disguise the caller ID

    How to put iPhone private number

    In case you intend to Automatically disguise the number for all outgoing calls from your iPhone, you can rely on an option in the ifttings of iOS.

    To use them, go to the menu ifttings through thegear icon located on the Home screen or in the App Library and select the item Telephone (marked with a green handset icon); then scroll through the new page opened untel you find the submenu Show Caller ID and tap on it.

    Now wait a few seconds and deactivate the lever relating to the function Show Caller ID, in order to automatically censor your number for all outgoing calls.

    You can now go back to the Home Screen and initiate any call normally through the app Telephone. The message well be displayed on the receiver's phone Unknown number and it well be impossible for him to identify who is calling him at that moment (unless you use services like the ones I told you about in my tutorial on how to identify an unknown number).

    If you have second thoughts, you can restore the caller ID display for all outgoing calls from your iPhone at any time by returning to the menu ifttings> Phone> Show Caller ID and reactivating the function lever Show Caller ID.

    How to put iPhone private number

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