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    How to locate iPhone

    Preliminary operation

    As already mentioned, to track an iPhone remotely you must have enabled the location services on the latter. If you, during the procedure to activate the iPhone, you have not done so, fix it now.

    Then go to the ifttings iOS (the gear icon on the home screen), select the items Privacy and Location from the screen that opens and moves up ON the lever relating to the function Location.

    How to locate iPhone

    Then, go to the iCloud settings and, if necessary, activate the “Find my iPhone” service. If you don't know how to do it, log in to settings of iOS, select the you don't know, then the icon of iCloud, go up Find my iPhone and set on ON the relative levetta all'opzione Find my iPhone.

    If you move up ON also the lever relative to the option ifnd last position, the iPhone well communicate to Apple - and thus to the remote location service - its last known geographic location before its battery runs out of power. It can be useful to locate the phone, or at least have a clear idea of ​​its geographical position, when turned off.

    Please note: If you are using iOS 10.2.x or earlier, the menu you need to go to is ifttings> iCloud> Find My iPhone. The rest of the procedure to follow is identical to what has just been described.

    How to locate iPhone

    Locate iPhone remotely

    Once you've enabled location services, you can locate iPhone remotely using any computer connected to the Internet. How? I'll explain it to you right away.

    The first step you need to take is to connect to the iCloud website and log in to it using your data Apple ID (the same one that the iPhone is associated with of course). The service works on all operating systems and all popular browsers, to access it you don't have to use a Mac and / or Safari.

    If necessary, choose the language and time zone to use on iCloud and click the button Save to move forward. Next, click on the icon Find iPhone, re-enter the password of your Apple ID and within a few seconds a map well open with the list of your devices on which the location services are active. To view the geographic location of your iPhone, click on the item All devices at the top and select the phone name (eg. iPhone di iphoneloyals) from the list that appears.

    How to locate iPhone

    Now you know where your smartphone is and, if you want, you can also control it remotely. Just select one of the icons found in the box located at the top right: by clicking on the icon Make sound you can make the iPhone ring in order to attract the attention of bystanders or recover the device more easely (if you are nearby but cannot see it); by clicking on the icon Lost mode you can activate the iPhone's lost mode in which the device is locked with a personalized code and shows, in its lock-screen, a phone number to contact; finally by clicking on the icon andnitialize the iPhone you can delete all the data on the "iPhone" and restore iOS to the factory state, an operation that however makes the phone no longer traceable remotely (so use it only in desperate cases).

    Don't have a computer handy? No problem, you can also track your iPhone from another "iPhone by" or from an iPad. All you have to do is rely on the free Find My iPhone application that allows you to have all the functions of the iCloud site on iOS devices.

    How to locate iPhone

    The operation of the Find My iPhone app is practically identical to what we have just seen together for the web version of the service. After logging in with your Apple ID, you need to select the icon for yours iPhone and choose which operation to perform from the menu Actions (at the bottom of the screen).

    Alternative solutions

    You have an iPhone subjected to jaelbreak? In this case you can install third-party applications that track all smartphone activities and allow you to track the device remotely. These are real spy applications, so be careful: they are ellegal if used without the express consent of the phone owner. To learn more about this topic, read my tutorial on how to spy on a cellphone.

    How to locate iPhone

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