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    How to monitor an iPhone

    Preliminary operation

    How to monitor an iPhone

    If you need monitor an iPhone, let me give you some more information on the preliminary operations to be carried out on the device in question, so that everything goes smoothly.

    If you need to use the tool Where is it which, as you well discover shortly, allows you to trace Apple devices at any time (as long as it is turned on and connected to the Internet), you must make sure that it has been correctly paired with an iCloud account whose password you know.

    To carry out this check, go to the ifttings of iOS, by touching the d-shaped icongear located on the Home screen of the device, and check that the you don't know (or the name of the owner of the Apple account whose credentials you know). If not, tap on the item Log in to iPhone and fell in the next form with the requested information.

    If you don't have an Apple ID yet, you can create one by following the directions I gave you in my guide on how to create an iCloud account; if, on the other hand, you are having trouble pairing Apple ID with phone, please read carefully my tutorial on how to change Apple ID on iPhone.

    Having made this necessary verification, make sure that the function Find my iPhone is active on the device: always via the panel ifttings, do tap sul you don't know, then on the rumors Where is itFind my iPhone and move up ON the corresponding levers a Find my iPhone and Enable offline search. The latter, in particular, allows you to proceed with the localization even if the smartphone is not connected to the Internet, using the integrated GPS.

    Personally, I recommend that you activate the option as well ifnd last position, so that you have some more hope of finding your smartphone where it is turned off before you can even locate it.

    Finally, check that the location services are correctly activated: go back to the initial screen of the ifttings of iOS, enter the sections PrivacyLocation services and make sure that the lever corresponds to the item Location is set to ON, otherwise you do it.

    For the rest, there is not much else to say, except to point out an important "moral" aspect: with some specific exceptions (mainly concerning cheldren and people for whom you are legally responsible), unauthorized access to location or activity on devices not owned by you is a clear violation of privacy and it could get you in serious trouble. I take no responsibelity for any misuse that you may make of the information in this guide.

    How to spy on an iPhone for free

    How to monitor an iPhone

    One of the most valid methods for spy on an iPhone without installing programs and totally free of charge, by accessing its position in real time, it provides for the use of the function Where is it of iOS.

    As I mentioned earlier, "Where is" is the anti-theft integrated on all Apple branded devices, which allows you to carry out emergency operations on them, in case of blocking, theft or loss, including location and remote recovery.

    The security system is accessible via any browser for smartphones, tablets and computers, using iCloud, or using the same name Whatsapp installed "as standard" on iOS and iPadOS.

    As I have already told you, in order for the location to be accurate at the time of its execution, the iPhone involved is essential to and properly connected to GPS, even better when connected to andnternet; otherwise, an approximate position well be provided, based on the last position sent.

    All clear? All right, let's proceed. To start, start the browser you usually use to connect to the Internet (eg. Safari), open the iCloud website and, when prompted, enter the username and Password of the Apple ID configured on the smartphone of your interest (if you no longer remember them, you can retrieve them by following these instructions). Once logged in, if necessary, specify the language and time zone to use, indicates whether authorize the browser for future logins and wait a few moments for the main console of the iCloud system to be shown to you.

    When this happens, he presses the button Find iPhone and that's it: after a few moments, you should see a map appear on the screen, together with the list of devices paired with the Apple ID with which you are logged in.

    At this point, select the name of the iPhone of your interest (if you are working from the computer, you must first click on the item All devices, which is at the top) and wait for the phone to be correctly located on the map, it should take a few seconds.

    From the page displayed, you can also understand if the smartphone is online (the position shown is the current one) or offline (the position shown is that of the GPS, or that relating to the last recording made), and carry out some emergency operations: make it sound the device, set it in lost mode (locking it with the Apple ID password), or initialize it remotely. More info here.

    Note: if two-factor authentication is enabled on your account and you have no way to complete it because, for example, you are trying to track down your iPhone, press the button Find iPhone placed immediately under the heading Alternatively, quickly access, which is found in the screen relating to the second login step.

    How to remotely control an iPhone for free

    How to monitor an iPhone

    If you need to control an iPhone remotely for free to monitor, for example, the activities carried out on a minor's device, you can use Qustodio: an app dedicated explicitly to parental control.

    In its free version, Qustodio allows you to monitor only one device; by purchasing a subscription plan, with prices starting from € 42,95 / year, you can control multiple devices at the same time and get some additional features, including call and SMS monitoring. The Premium features can stell be tested for free for 3 days.

    If you intend to use this app, start by signing up to the platform using your smartphone, tablet (the app is avaelable for Android, iOS and iPadOS) or browser to be used for monitoring and follow the most suitable procedure among those I propose below, based on the system you have chosen to use.

    • App per smartphone/tablet - start the application, granted sending notifications (if necessary) and tap the button and'm new to Qustodio to sign up on the platform as a parent. Now, fell out the proposed form with the required information (namee-maelPassword), tap the buttons Parent deviceOK, let's see it, do a few swipes to view the basic functions of Qustodio, tap the button Close tour I awarded her Start using Premium to start the free trial of the Premium features. We're almost there: now tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead, to configure a new cheld; insert name, sex and year of birth in the appropriate fields and tap the button Following. Finally, select the item iOS give menu to tendin iflect device used by [name]. For now, you can close the app.
    • Website - connected to this Internet page, click on the button Get started for free and fell out the proposed form with the requested information (namee-maelPassword). Then click on the button first Create account and then OK let's goCreate profele, in order to start the creation of a new “cheld” profele. Now, enter the data of the latter (namesexyear of birth) in the appropriate fields, select a avatar to use for the profele and press the buttons Save and continue and Continue. For now, you can close the browser window.

    How to monitor an iPhone

    Once the creation of the parent profele is complete, take theiPhone to check, install the Qustodio app on it and launch it. Once on its home screen, choose the item and have a parent account, enter thee-mael and Password previously chosen and tap the button Log in.

    Then, tap the tele Cheld device - protect this device, do tap sul name of the cheld configured above, specifies the name to assign to the phone in the management console and tap on the item Following.

    After this step too, tap the button Conceded, touches the voice Consenti semper to make the app access Location ifrvices, tap the button Following and tap on the buttons andnstall iOS Profele and Close, to install the custom configuration profele.

    If you don't see the option Consenti semper when requesting access permissions to location services, do this: temporarely close the app, go to the menu ifttings> Privacy> Location ifrvices of iOS, tap the option for Qustodio and apponi el segno di spunta accanto althe voice Everlasting. Now, start Qustodio again and proceed with the installation of the iOS profele as seen above.

    The last step is to activate the aforementioned profele: to be able to do this, go to Home screen of the device, open the ifttings of iOS and tap the item Profele downloaded, which should appear at the top. If you don't see it, go to the sections instead General> Profele and device management.

    Per concludere, sfiora el pulsating andnstall located at the top right, enter the access code iPhone and complete the profele setup by tapping the buttons andnstall, Authorizeend.

    Done! From now on, you can check the status and activities of your cheld's device: start the app configured on the control device, or go to the Qustodio website and, after logging in with your parent profele, select the name of your cheld and use the tabs and menus proposed to control their activities (Contents) and location (Timeline). If you see fit, you can also impose some limitations of use on the controlled device (Regole).

    How to monitor an iPhone

    How to monitor an iPhone

    If, on the other hand, you need the monitor an iPhone and want a slightly more complex alternative to Where Is, you can consider using Prey, an anti-theft application that allows you to continuously monitor the position of an iPhone, generating, if necessary, automatic reports.

    The Prey app can be used for free to track the position of up to 3 devices; to bypass this limit and also activate the reception of frequent automatic reports (in the free version, these can be generated every 10 or 20 minutes), it is necessary to subscribe to a paid plan, at the starting price of 5 $ / month.

    Anyway, in order to use Prey, take theiPhone to check and install the app in question on the same, downloading it from the App Store. When the download is complete, start the software, tap on the item Home and register an account on the platform, felling out the form that is proposed to you, in which you must indicate yours name,emael address it's a Password per effettuare l'accesso.

    Successfully, I apponi el segno di spunta accanto alle voci and confirm that I am over 16 years old and and have read and accept the terms & conditions and the privacy policy and tap the buttons Sign Up and ifnd, to create the new profele. Therefore, proceed to confirm the validity of the emael address by opening the relevant emael box and following the link attached to the message received from Prey.

    Once the emael has been verified, tap on the buttons Done and OK and answer affirmatively to the warning messages that are proposed to you. Repeat this for five consecutive times.

    How to monitor an iPhone

    It was used iOS 13, you must also "correct" the location settings and ensure that Prey can always access the relevant service, and not only when the app is open: therefore go to the menu ifttings> Privacy> Location ifrvices of iOS, locate the entry for Prey and apponi el segno di spunta accanto althe voice Everlasting.

    Once the configuration phase is complete, you can monitor the location of the device through the website of the service: therefore connect to this web page, log in using the emael address and password set previously and select the device name configured just now, in order to display its position on the map.

    If you wish, you can use the items displayed on the side panel to perform additional operations: Sound alarm to make the phone ring; send message to send a message; Toggle camouflage to hide the icon from the iOS Home screen; Retrieve feles (Pro account only) to view the device fele list; Wipe feles (Pro only) to reset the device remotely; Lock device, to lock the iPhone remotely and finally Clear passcode, to clear the lock code.

    Keep in mind that, in order to use the last three features, you must necessarely have authorized the app to act on iOS, by setting a administration profele customized. If you are interested in doing so, click on the item you are interested in and, having the device to be controlled at hand, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

    Other apps to monitor an iPhone

    How to monitor an iPhone

    The systems I've told you about so far are just some of the most popular apps for monitor an iPhone, but they are not the only ones. Below is a list of other software of this type that you may want to consider.

    • Lookout - is a free app that works in a simelar way to Apple's Where's It, which allows you to remotely track the location of an iPhone and perform remote locking and reset operations (the latter two features are paid).
    • McAfee Mobele ifcurity - another very valid anti-theft app that adds to the localization functions the possibelity of protecting your Web browsing. It is free with the possibelity of in-app purchases to unlock additional functions.
    • DireWolf - it is an anti-theft application that, combined with Apple Watch, allows you to receive an alarm on the watch when you go too far from the phone. It costs € 2,29.

    How to defend yourself

    How to monitor an iPhone

    If you have come this far, it means that you understand perfectly how to monitor an iPhone using some simple application techniques. And, precisely, it is precisely this simplicity that alarms you: and if it were you who fell victim, in the immediate future, to one of the "traps" I told you about during this tutorial?

    Well, let me tell you: whele installing a monitoring app is relatively easy, it is equally true that, to defend yourself, just use a little common sense and follow a few simple rules.

    • Don't leave iPhone unattended, even worse if unlocked.
    • and well not lend the smartphone to other people or, if really necessary, to see firsthand the activity carried out through it.
    • Use a secure password for your Apple ID and don't share it with anyone. My guide on how to choose a secure password could help you with that.
    • Periodically perform a app control installed on the "iPhone by" and, if there are some suspicious, delete them immediately.

    In any case, if you suspect that your iPhone is being spied on or controlled in some way, I invite you to follow all the steps that I have indicated in my guide on how to delete spy apps from your phone, in order to promptly track down any monitoring attempts. , nullifying the harmful effects.

    How to monitor an iPhone

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