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    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    From IPhoneLoyals we want to show you different ways to pair your Apple Watch with any Iphone, whether new or old. To do this you will have to keep in mind that before starting with the pairing, having a backup in your ICloud is essential to not lose all the relevant information, on your watch or on your Apple phone. If you want to know all the details, don't miss our post!

    Preliminary operations

    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    Before getting to the heart of the guide, let's explain how to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone, for this there are some preliminary operations that you must do to make sure everything goes correctly.

    First of all you must make sure you have within reach the Devices you want to synchronize, in our case it is the Apple Watch and the new iPhone. And finally, make sure that these devices have the latest update available. Similarly, the iPhone must have Wi-Fi enabled and Bluetoothenabled.

    Then, check that you can access the Apple ID paired with Apple Watch and iPhone, to disable the activation lock on the watch, the feature that prevents unauthorized use of the devices of the company of the "bitten apple" in case of theft or loss.

    You should also make sure to remember the unlock code set for the Apple Watch; otherwise, you will not be able to complete the procedure to disassociate the smartwatch from the old iPhone and pair it with the new one.

    Also make sure that both the Apple Watch and the iPhones have a minimum charge of 50%, otherwise you will not be able to set the watch on the old "iPhone by" and pair it with the new one.

    Then know that to continue using the Apple Watch paired with the new iPhone without losing settings and data, you must back up your devices, to restore everything later. The Apple Watch is backed up along with the iPhone and saved on the latter (and then on iCloud or iTunes / Finder). This copy is automatically associated through the Apple Watch of the "iPhone by", but also when you back up the iPhone with which the smart watch is paired.

    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    At this point, I would say you are finally ready to take action and figure out, how to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone.

    You can do it both by having the old "iPhone by" at your disposal. Also, you should know that you can perform the operation in question by choosing whether to leave the Apple Watch in its current state (therefore without resetting the device), restoring a previous backup or returning the smartwatch to factory conditions. For more information, read on.

    Without performing the reset

    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    As I told you at the beginning, you can pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone without resetting the smartwatch, at least not if it has not yet taken care of the initial setup beforehand. To succeed in your attempt, therefore, you must act during the activation phase of the device.

    First, take the new iPhone, insert the SIM Card in the appropriate housing (if necessary) and start it up, holding down the power button until the Apple Logo appears on screen.

    Following the device activation procedure, you can choose the language and country of your interest through the screen displayed. Then, decide whether to use another Apple device in your possession, where to take the settings from or whether to proceed manually. Next, connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi network and configure the Face ID or tap the ID.

    When you are shown the Apps & Data screen choose the option to restore your data from a previous backup from iCloud or on your computer, so you can also retrieve information related to your Apple Watch. Continue with the smartphone setup, and when prompted, choose to use Apple Watch with your new iPhone.

    Once the iPhone setup is complete, Apple Watch will prompt you to pair it with the new phone: tap the OK button on the smartwatch screen, then enter the unlock code for the watch, and that's it.

    Restore a previous backup

    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    If, on the other hand, you already have the new "iPhone by" set up and you want to combine the Apple Watch, to perform the operation covered by this tutorial you must first dissociate the watch from the old smartphone, then you can pair it with the new device. However, by doing this, Apple Watch will initialize and in order to continue to function as it did so far, you must continue with the option restore a previous backup.

    Then, take the old iPhone with which the Apple Watch is currently paired, unlock it and select the View app icon (the one with the black background and Apple Watch) that you find on iOS home screen and / or in the App Library (the app is part of the default, but if you delete it, you can download it again from the appropriate section of the App Store).

    Then tap the wording All Apple Watches located at the top left of the Apple Watch section of the app, tap the icon (I) mail in correspondence of the Apple Watch Name, then the wording Unpair Apple Watch and that Unpair Apple Watch from [your name] that you see appear below.

    Next, enter the Apple account password, tap the Cancel Pairing button and wait a few minutes for the smartwatch to effectively dissociate from the "iPhone by". If you have an Apple Watch GPS + Cellular model you will also be asked if you want to keep or remove the cellular plan.

    Another alternative to the above explanation, in case you have the old iPhone available or have reset it, you can initialize the Apple Watch by acting directly from it. To do this, wear the Apple Watch on your wrist, unlock it and log in to the menu in watchOS by pressing the Digital Crown. At this point, select the item Settings, General option, followed by the wording Initialize and in that Content and Settings. Then enter the password to unlock the smartwatch (if necessary) and select the option Initialize all.

    You can follow the progress of the procedure directly on the Apple Watch, keeping an eye on the loading wheel around the Apple Logo. When the process is complete, the welcome screen of the watch, you can start pairing the Apple Watch with the new iPhone.

    At this point, select the language and zone on the Apple Watch screen and press the Start button. Hold the new iPhone close to the Apple Watch, wait for the iOS smartwatch pairing screen to appear and tap the Continue button , present on the smartphone screen. If the pairing screen does not appear, start the app watch on your new smartphone and tap the text Pair a new Apple Watch found on the corresponding screen.

    Next, tap the Set up for me or that Set up for a family member button, depending on who will be using the smartwatch, position the iPhone so that the Apple Watch appears in the Watch app panel and the two devices are paired. If automatic pairing fails, choose the workaround option Pair Apple Watch manually on the iPhone screen and select watch name from the next screen.

    Finally, choose Restore a previous Apple Watch backup, select the exact backup to restore. Apply the other requested settings and wait for the synchronization procedure between Apple Watch and iPhone to complete. You will be able to follow the progress of the process through the indicators both on the watch screen and on the iPhone. At the end of the procedure, you will be shown a special warning on the Apple Watch screen and on the iPhone screen.

    Restoring factory conditions

    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    If you have encountered errors in the use of the smartwatch, mismanagement of the battery life of the smartwatch or other "oddities", you can consider restoring the smartwatch to factory conditions without restoring any backups.

    To do this, you must follow the same procedure that I indicated in the previous step, so you must cancel the pairing between the old iPhone and the Apple Watch or the device that is necessary to initialize, likewise through its settings.

    Next, you have to start the procedure to associate the watch to the new "iPhone by", but when during the initial setup of the smartwatch you will be asked if you want to restore a previous backup or not, select the option to set as new the device.

    How to pair/pair Apple Watch with two iPhones

    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    Unfortunately this is not possible to pair Apple Watch with two iPhones. In fact, each Apple Watch can only be paired with one iPhone at a time. This means that you cannot pair the smartwatch with multiple iPhones simultaneously, but you can still perform the procedure described in the previous chapters to disassociate the watch from one iPhone and pair it with another as many times as you wish. On the other hand, if it is feasible to pair multiple Apple Watches to the same iPhone simultaneously.

    How to unpair an Apple Watch without the IPhone

    Would you like to know if it is possible to unpair Apple Watch without an iPhone? The answer is yes. In fact, you can also perform the operation in question by going directly through the watch (Apple Watch).

    To do this, put on the watch and unlock it (if necessary), then tap on the Digital Raven, to access the watchOS menu, and select Settings. Next, tap on General, then tap on the Initialize option, and on the next screen, tap on Content and Settings.

    After completing the above steps, enter your smartwatch unlock password (if necessary) and select the Initialize All option to confirm your intentions. If you are using an Apple Watch GPS + Cellular model, you will also be asked if you want to keep or remove the cellular plan.

    In case of questions or problems

    How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

    Have you followed the instructions contained in this guide, but still encounter some problems when pairing Apple Watch with a new iPhone? If that's the case, I recommend you first try to take a look at this section of Apple's website dedicated to supporting the company's products, shown in the image.

    If, on the other hand, you feel it is necessary to contact Apple support directly, please be advised that you can do so in several ways: by phone, by chat, online support, or by going to the Apple Store in person.

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