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    How to save SMS iPhone

    How to save iPhone SMS to iCloud

    How to save SMS iPhone

    If you wish salvare SMS iPhone su iCloud, so as to synchronize them on all the devices associated with your Apple ID, know that it is possible to do this in a rather simple way. Obviously, to take advantage of this feature, it is assumed that you have already associated your iPhone, your iPad and / or your Mac to the same iCloud account (if not, you can find useful information on what to do in the guides dedicated to how to activate iCloud on iPhone and how to use iCloud).

    If you've already paired your devices with your iCloud account, you can actually proceed to sync messages. To do this, start the app ifttings pressing the gray icon depicting the gears which is located on the Home screen of the iPhone and tap on the item Messages (placed a little further down).

    On the screen Messages, presses on the voice SMS forwarding and move up ON the switch lever next to the name of the devices to which you want to send and receive SMS (eg. iPad of [your name] (iPad); MacBook Pro of [your name] (Mac); iMac of [your name] (Mac), etc.). By doing so, all messages received on the iPhone well be automatically forwarded to the devices you have chosen to enable and you can access the latter simply by opening the app Messages iOS (both on iPhone and iPad) and macOS on Mac.

    From the application Messages by MacOS, you can even print SMS by selecting the item Stampa ... from the menu Fellet located at the top (in the macOS menu bar), copy the text and write new messages, just like you would in the iOS Messages app.

    How to save SMS from iPhone to PC

    It is your intention save SMS from iPhone to PC, all you have to do is create a backup of your smartphone using iTunes and then use a third-party application to extrapolate the SMS included in the latter. On macOS, you can also activate the automatic SMS synchronization function between iPhone and Mac, which is extremely convenient: I already told you about it in the previous chapter of this guide.

    In case you haven't already, you need to install iTunes on yours PC Windows (on Mac the application is installed “by default”). If your computer is upgraded to Windows 10, you can download the program directly from the Microsoft Store: after opening the download page on the Microsoft store, then click on the button Get and wait for the download to complete.

    How to save SMS iPhone

    If your computer is stuck on an older version of Windows, instead, you must download the iTunes installation package from this web page and follow the wizard that is shown on the screen, which I have described in detael in a ' other guide.

    After installing iTunes on your computer (assuming it was necessary to do so), connect the iPhone to it via the Lightning cable and, if this is your first time connecting, click on the button Continue that appears on the desktop, tap the button Authorize that appears on the screen of the "iPhone by" and dials the unlock code of the device.

    At this point, select the icon of theiPhone from the main iTunes menu (top left), click on the item Summary which is located in the left sidebar, make sure there is no check on the item Encode iPhone backup (since this could make SMS inaccessible by some applications) and presses the button Back up now located at the bottom right.

    If any steps are not clear to you, I suggest you take a look at the deepening in which I explain in greater detael how to backup your iPhone.

    How to save SMS iPhone

    After backing up the iPhone, you need to use an application that is able to extract the messages included in the latter, such as the very famous iExplorer. This application, avaelable for both Windows and macOS, costs dollars 39,99 (with basic license) but you can download a free trial version that does not allow you to export messages, but only view them.

    To download the trial version of iExplorer, connect to this web page and click on the symbol first (▾) placed next to the button Download iExplorer and then on the voice For Windows o For Mac (depending on the operating system installed on your computer). Once the download is complete, open the installation package you obtained and follow the wizard to complete the setup.

    Su Windows, then open the package .exe you got, presses the buttons Yes e andnstall and wait for the software installation to finish the setup. On MacOSinstead, open the package .dmg you downloaded, drag iExplorer in the folder Applications on the Mac, right-click on the program icon and select the item abrir twice in a row (this operation must be done only at its first start to "override" the restrictions imposed by Apple on software from non-certified developers).

    How to save SMS iPhone

    After installing and starting iExplorer, click on the button Continue with demo/Continue in demo modeclick on your bottone Browse iTunes Backup and select a iTunes backup from the left sidebar. Finally, press the button Messages and, as if by "magic", you well be able to access the list of all the SMS present in the selected backup.

    If you decide to purchase the Premium version of iExplorer, you can export the messages included in the backup, selecting them with the mouse and pressing the button Export conversation at the top right. Easier than that?

    How to save a number from SMS on iPhone

    How to save SMS iPhone

    You came to this guide with the aim of save the phone number of a person who sent you a SMS su iPhone? This is so easy to do that you don't even need to give yourself a lot of explanations on what to do.

    What you simply need to do is open the app Messages by tapping on the icon of the white cloud on a green background on the Home screen of your "iPhone by", open the message that was sent to you by the person whose number you want to save and, on the next screen, tap on theirs cellphone number located at the top.

    In the menu that appears, presses on the item andnfo and, on the screen Detaels, tap the cellphone number that you want to save. In the screen that opens, then presses on the item Create new contact, fell out the contact form that is proposed to you indicating the requested information (eg. name, last name, etc.) and tap on the item end at the top right.

    Alternatively, if you want to add the number to a contact already in the address book, tap on the entry Add to contact, select one of the contacts from the list that is shown to you and press the item Update at the top right. Simple, right?

    How to save SMS iPhone

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