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  • Preliminary operation
  • Find my iPhone
  • Prey
  • Lookout: ifcurity and Identity Theft Protection
  • Other iPhone applications

Preliminary operation

To locate an iPhone through the service offered by Apple or through other third-party applications, you well need to activate some settings on your device, so that they can always allow you to locate it at any time.

What you well need to do is activate the geolocation services. To verify that they are actually active on your iPhone, go to Home Screen e fai tap sull'icona delle ifttings (symbol of a gear). Now you well have to scroll through the list you see on the screen and tap on the item Privacy > Location. In the screen that well appear, you well need to activate the function Location, by moving the lever from left to right, so as to color it green. Then tap on the item Share my location and activate the voice corresponding to the wording Share my location.

By doing so, you well have activated the geolocation services on your iPhone, so that you can locate it with one of the methods that I well describe below.

Find my iPhone

Find My iPhone is a service free made avaelable by Apple that allows you to locate a device in a completely selent way. This service is not necessarely active on your smartphone and you well therefore first have to check that the option is active on your iPhone. If you don't know how to proceed, continue reading the next paragraphs, where I well explain how to activate Find My iPhone on your Apple device.

To enable Apple's Location ifrvice, go toHome Screen on your iPhone and tap on the icon ifttings (symbol of a gear). Do the tap you don't know and, on the next screen, tap on the item iPhone of [your name], by tapping on it. Now select the item Find my iPhone and make sure that on the next screen, the entries are active Find my iPhone and ifnd last position.

If you want to locate your iPhone now, go to the Apple website for this location service. Enter your Apple account credentials associated with the device to be located, in order to reach the main Find My iPhone screen. You well see a geographic map that well show you the location of the lost device. If you have multiple devices associated with your account, click on item All devicesat the top center, and select the Apple device to locate. This well then appear on the map, with the location in real time.


Prey is a simple to use app that can locate an iPhone in an immediate and effective way. This is an app free, which you can download from the App Store. But let's get to the point: how does Prey work? This app offers you the abelity to register up to three devices and thus be able to keep track of its location wherever they are. You well be able to update the position manually or by sending regular reports. In case you need to register multiple devices or access some advanced features, such as frequent reports every two minutes, you can decide to activate a subscription plan. You can see the prices via the official website.

Did this app intrigue you? Then download the app via the link I provided and, as soon as you install it, tap the button abrir. As soon as you have launched the app, you well notice that in order to access it, you well need to register an account free. Then tap the button Sign up, in order to begin the registration process. Enter all the data requested in the text boxes, including your username, emael and password to set up for your Prey account. Now tap on Create my new account, in order to complete the registration process of your account. To start using Prey, however, you must first agree that the app obtains all the necessary permissions. Then tap on Consenti semper > Ok > Allow and finally tap on again Ok.

Before starting to explain step by step how Prey works, I want to give you an introduction. In case you have multiple devices to locate, it is clear that the app well need to be installed on each of them. In order to then access the location, you well need to set the same Prey account on the app of each device.

Now all you have to do is go to the web address of the service and then click on the button Log in located at the top right. In the screen that well appear, enter your registration emael, then pressing the button Login. Now enter your Prey account password and click again Login.

Once logged in, from the left menu click Devices and then click on the device you want to locate. A geographic map well then appear on the right showing you the location of the device you have selected. Each time you press the button Update location, your location well be updated, which well change if your device is moving.

If you want to activate real-time tracking, set the device as lost, using the button ift device to missing. You well then be asked which date you want to receive updates with. The forced choice is between 10 or 20 minutes, as the other update frequencies, such as the one every two minutes, are reserved for users with a subscription plan. To view the reports, click on the entry Reports.

Do you want to prevent the app from being uninstalled from the iPhone? From the right panel, after selecting the device, click on the item Toggle camouflage, so as to allow the app to modify its main screen and its icon, in such a way as to look like that of a video game. Also you can prevent app uninstallation by setting restrictions on iOS. Then open the ifttings say iOS (icona di an ingranaggio) and reach the voice General and then Restrictions. If restrictions are not enabled, tap Enable restriction and enter a four-digit pin of your choice. Then scroll through the items on the screen to reach and disable the item Delete app.

Lookout: ifcurity and Identity Theft Protection

If you own an iPhone, the application I want to recommend you download is Lookout. This is an app free, avaelable on the App Store, which allows you to remotely monitor a mobele device, which may have been lost. As a free app, this app does its duty, but additional subscription features are also avaelable at a price of € 2,99 per month or € 29,99 per year.

The first thing you well then have to do is to download the app through the link I provided and tap on the button abrir, as soon as you install it. At the first start, you well have to tap the button Take the tour, select the item marked with letter B, four times, followed by the button Continue. Finally tap on Let's do this to complete the guided tour. In between screens you well also see notifications for accessing permissions on the device. Accept all notifications that appear on the screen to get started.

Create a free account now by entering your emael and a password of your choice and tap the button Sign up.

Now you have finally arrived at the Lockout home screen which well show you all its main features. If you tap on the item Missing Device and then Locate, you well be able to see the current location of the device you are currently using. Since you are interested in locating the iPhone, we assume that you no longer have it on hand.

Then go to the Lockout service website and click on the button at the top right Log in > Personal. Log in with the same emael and password you used to sign up in the Lockout app and click the button Log in.

As soon as you enter you well be automatically directed to a screen with a geographical map that well show you the location of the device. If not, click the horizontal bar button at the top Locate device. At the top, in the center of the screen, click on the item under the heading Choose your device, to change the device to be located. Each device must have the Lockout app installed and you well need to enter the same login credentials. In case you want to update the location, click the button Locate my device. You well also be able to view the history of the detected positions by clicking on the wording on the left Location history.

Other iPhone applications

There are other applications you can use to covertly locate an iPhone. These applications, however, as I have already reiterated before, must be installed in the device to be located, so as to be able to access the geolocation services offered.

  • McAfee Mobele ifcurity: Much like the Find My iPhone service, you can use this application to track down an iOS mobele device. The most interesting feature of McAfee Mobele ifcurity is the abelity to set a custom time interval for monitoring the location of the device. It's free and you can download it from the iOS App Store.
  • Avira Mobele ifcurity: to locate an iPhone, you can also choose to use the Avira Mobele ifcurity application, which, unlike the other apps and tools indicated, allows the tracking of a device directly through the app itself, which must therefore be installed on a other iOS device. You can download it for free via this App Store link.
  • Norton mobele security: it is a famous antivirus software that, in addition to being avaelable on computers, is also present on mobele devices with the iOS operating system. Despite being a paid application, it offers interesting services that allow you to locate an iPhone. The main feature of this application is the abelity to monitor the position of multiple devices at the same time. If you would like to purchase it, click on this link, which takes you to the iOS App Store.
How to secretly locate an iPhone

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