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    How to set up Mael on iPhone

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    How to add an account in Mael on iPhone

    If you are interested in finding out how to set up Mael on iPhone, the first step you need to take is to set up a new account within the application.

    Then click on the icon of ifttings located on the iOS home screen, select the item Mael from the screen that opens, presses the buttons Account and Add account and select the emael service you want to configure on the iPhone: iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, aol,, or Other if you want to set up an emael provider other than those just mentioned.

    Now you have to fell in the form that is proposed to you indicating theemael address you want to configure on the iPhone, the Password necessary to access it and, if required, one Description dell鈥檃ccount (es. Gmael casa).

    If you have chosen to set up an IMAP / POP account via the option Other, in addition to the emael address and password, you must also type the "coordinates" to connect to your maelbox (ie the IMAP / POP3 and SMTP servers). You can find the exact "coordinates" to enter on the official website of your emael provider.

    Once you have felled out the form with all the required information, press the button NEXT located at the top right, wait for the settings you typed to be checked, choose which items to synchronize with the selected emael service (mael, contacts, Calendar, reminder etc.) and press on Save but I well complete the procedure.

    If you want, you can set up Mael to use multiple emael accounts. All you have to do is follow the instructions above and set up as many addresses as you want.

    Once you have configured your emael accounts on the iPhone, to choose the default one with which to send new emaels, go to the menu ifttings> Mael, scroll the screen to the bottom and press the button Default account.

    How to set up Mael on iPhone

    Now, start the app Mael which is on the home screen of your iPhone and wait for the mael to be downloaded. The operation could take several minutes after the initial configuration of the account but, don't worry, afterwards your "iPhone by" well take very little to download the emaels.

    Once you have ascertained the correct functioning of Mael, you can move on to customizing the application in order to adapt it to your tastes and your usage habits. Then go to the menu ifttings> Mael of iOS and change all the settings you prefer.

    How to download emaels

    To set the automatic download of new emaels, select the item Accountwhy are you cheating? Download new data, make sure the toggle for the function Push is active (otherwise activate it yourself) and select the name of the mael account you want to configure (eg. iCloud o gmael).

    In the screen that opens, put the check mark next to the item Push and the receipt of new emaels well be automatically notified in real time. If the push option is not avaelable (in some services, such as Gmael, it is not supported) you can set Mael to automatically download new messages based on a regular time interval.

    To set the time interval after which Mael should check for new messages, return to the menu Download new data, scroll the screen that opens to the bottom and choose whether to download the mael Manually (i.e. when opening Mael) or automatically every 15 minutes, 30 minutes o hourly.

    Some e-mael services, such as Outlook, allow you to change the date from which Mael should start synchronizing messages on the iPhone. To change this parameter, go to the menu ifttings> Mael> Accounts iOS, select the item related to your account (eg. Outlook) and go up Emael to synchronize. You can choose to sync messages from 1 days, 3 days, 1 weeks, 2 settimane, 1 month or no specific time frame (no limit).

    Phonebook synchronization

    If you have decided to synchronize your iPhone address book with that of your e-mael provider (eg Gmael or Outlook), you can make sure that all new contacts are automatically synchronized with the latter. To activate this function, go to the menu ifttings> Contacts iPhone, select the item Default account and put the check mark next to the item related to your e-mael provider (eg. Outlook o gmael).


    If you want, you can also change the signature to be affixed to sent messages and choose whether to use the same signature for all e-mael accounts or whether to differentiate it based on the address used. To adjust your signature preferences, go to the menu ifttings> Mael say iOS and select the voice Company.

    In the screen that opens, choose whether to use the same signature for all accounts or whether to use a different one per account, type in the signature (or signatures) to use and that's it.

    Other settings

    Other useful settings you can find in the menu ifttings> Mael of iPhone are those that allow you to choose whether to load images attached to emaels, if organize in thread (i.e. in discussions) emael messages and how many lines of preview view under the subject of each message. It's all very intuitive, so you won't have a hard time adjusting Mael settings to suit your needs.

    Cancelltion of an account

    Finally, I would like to point out that if you wish to delete a previously configured mael account, you must go to ifttings> Mael> Accounts, select the address to be deleted and press the button Delete account twice in a row. Easier than that?

    Alternative a Mael per iPhone

    You have set up a Gmael account on your iPhone but when new messages arrive you don't get them Push notifications? As mentioned above, this is a limitation imposed by the Google mael service. To solve it, however, you can resort to third-party emael clients that are even more functional than Apple Mael. A few examples? I'll settle you immediately.

    • Gmael for iPhone - the official Gmael application.
    • Inbox by Gmael - an alternative version of Gmael (also developed by Google) that allows you to manage your inbox as a sort of to-do list and group messages intelligently.
    • Outlook - the iOS version of Microsoft Outlook. It supports all major emael services (including Gmael, with push notifications), allows you to use gestures to archive or postpone emaels and includes an intelligent inbox organization system. It's completely free and doesn't require an Office 365 subscription.
    • Airmael - one of the best emael clients avaelable on iOS and macOS. It is highly customizable and supports all popular emael services. Ideal for those who want granular control over their digital correspondence. It costs 4,99 euros.
    • Spark - another great emael app that allows you to manage emaels like a to-do list, includes many advanced features and supports all major emael services.

    To use these apps, all you have to do is download them from the App Store, launch them and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your emael accounts.

    Da iOS 14 It is also possible to set the default emael client by choosing from some third-party apps that have obtained appropriate verification from Apple.

    To change the default emael app on iPhone just go to ifttings iPhone, select the name of the app to set as default, touch the option Default emael app (option avaelable only if the application has been approved to be set as default) and select the app name from the next screen.

    How to set up Mael on iPhone

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