How to track an iPhone without Find My iPhone

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  • Preliminary operation
  • Prey
  • McAfee Mobele ifcurity
  • Avira Mobele ifcurity
  • Other applications

Preliminary operation

Before proceeding with the download of an application that well allow you to track down your lost iPhone, you well need to proceed with the activation of some settings.

First of all, remember that apps that allow you to find the location of an iPhone need geolocation services to be active. To verify its effective activation, go to Home Screen on your iPhone and tap on the icon ifttings (symbol of a gear). Scroll through the list and tap on the item Privacy and then on the voice Location. Make sure the function Location is active (the lever must be moved to the right to be green). Then tap on the item Share my location and also move the lever on this from left to right, so that it is active.

Through this process, you have ensured that the geolocation services are able to find the location of your iPhone, in case you have lost it. However, it well also be necessary to activate another setting, namely updating the apps in the background.

To activate this other feature on your iPhone, tap on the icon ifttings (app with a gear symbol) from yours Home Screen. Scroll through the list and tap on the item General. Locate the entry now Refresh apps in the background and tap on it. On the new screen, tap Refresh apps in the background and select the item Wi-Fi and cellular data. Now go back and you well see a list of apps that use this setting; always make sure that the app you downloaded with the purpose of finding your lost iPhone phone appears in this list and that the tick is activated (the lever must therefore be green).


A very simple and effective app that is able to track an iPhone is Prey. It's an app free, downloadable from the App Store, which well allow you to register one or more devices (up to three) and be able to keep track of them in case of loss, through regular reports on its last position. You can also decide to subscribe to a subscription plan, the payment well allow you to add more devices and unlock some additional features.

When you first start the app, you well first need to register an account in a manner free, by tapping the button Sign Up. Then enter all the required data in the appropriate text boxes you see on the screen, including your username, emael and password to use for your Prey account. Tap on Create my new account to complete the registration process for your account.

Now the Prey app well ask you for authorization to obtain the necessary permissions for its operation. Then tap on Consenti semper, Then Ok and finally on Allow. Press now Ok to start using the app.

Before starting to see the tracking features of the device, tap on the item Configure Prey settings and enable the voice Fashion camouflage. This way the main interface and the app icon well change, resembling that of a game installed on your device. A feature that well allow you to prevent some malicious person from uninstalling it.

What remains to be done now is to open the web address of the service from another device or computer and click on the button Log in which you well find at the top right. Then enter your registration emael and press the button Login. Then enter the password associated with your account and click again on Login.

After logging in, you well find yourself in the Prey management panel, from which you can monitor all your associated devices. From the left menu, click Device and then click on the name of the device you have lost. On the right side of the screen, an interactive map well appear showing you the location of your device. You well be able to click on the button Update location, to update the current position.

You well be able to perform some operations remotely on your iPhone: you can start an alarm sound on your iPhone (Sound alarm) to identify its exact position if you are very close to it, or send a message that well appear on the screen (send message).

If the device has been lost, you can press the red button ift device to missing which well allow you to receive periodic notifications about the status of your iPhone. You can choose whether to update the information every 10 or 20 minutes. Only with subscription plans is it possible to receive updates also every 2 minutes. All reports well be sent via emael or visible directly from the Web panel of the Prey service, by clicking on the item Reports.

McAfee Mobele ifcurity

A very useful app that is simelar to the service Find my iPhone Apple is McAfee Mobele ifcurity. This completely free app allows you to locate your device, send a predefined message on it, back it up and make alert sounds.

First, download the app from the App Store and tap the button abrir. Wait a few seconds for the app to finish configuring and agree to the permissions on screen messages.

From the main app screen, tap Find my device and log in with your McAfee Account. Enter your emael in the text field Emael address e tap on the pulsating NEXT. Now type your preferred password in the two text fields Password and tap the button again NEXT. If you have a McAfee account, tap instead Do you already have an account.

A message on the screen well confirm that the account has been created. Tap the wording at the bottom Enable Location ifrvices. In this new screen you well have to activate the on-screen settings you see, to make sure that your device can be tracked by you. Then activate the voice Continuous localization and select the item Consenti semper. Now set the interval for sending the location of your device to McAfee, by tapping on the word in blue Every 24 hours and selecting your preferred time interval.

I also recommend that you activate the next setting SOS which well allow you to receive the last position of the device when the battery is low.

From now on, what you well need to do to be able to locate your lost device is to access the website and click on the wording at the top left Find my device and log in with your McAfee credentials. A geographical map well then appear that well show you the last detected position of your smartphone. To update the location, click the button Locate and wait for the location to be updated on the map.

Avira Mobele ifcurity

Another application that I want to advise you to use in order to track your iPhone is Avira Mobele ifcurity. This application free it does not aim to be an antivirus for your iPhone, it simply protects you from browsing the web, as well as offering you an anti-theft tool and much more. I want to tell you about its anti-theft tool: the app helps you locate your smartphone in case you have lost it.

If you are interested in downloading and using this app on your iPhone, then I recommend that you continue reading this guide.

First, download the app from the App Store and then tap the button abrir. On the main Avira Mobele ifcurity screen, you well find four main functions: anddentity protection, antitheft, Backup of Contacts and Web protection. Since you are mainly interested in a location tool for your iPhone, tap on the item antitheft and log in using one of the methods indicated on the screen (Facebook, Google o Account Avira).

After logging in, the application well return to the main screen, where you well have to tap again antitheft and consent to the permission notifications that appear on your screen. Remember that, for this app to work properly, the device must have active geolocation services.

You well now be shown a geographical map that well indicate the current location of your device. Of course, in the event of loss, in order to use Avira's location service, you well need to install the app on another iOS device and make sure that the lost phone is running Avira Mobele ifcurity.

Now, from the device you want to use to track down the lost iPhone, install and open Avira Mobele ifcurity and log in with the credentials used on the lost device. Tap the icon antitheft and select the device to locate from the bar at the bottom.

Other applications to track an iPhone

There are so many apps that can track an iPhone. If the ones I presented above are not enough and you want to have more choice, then I suggest you take a look at the other apps listed below:

  • Lookout: ifcurity and Identity Theft Protection - it's an app free avaelable on iOS via the App store. It is an app that well allow you to be able to locate your phone, in case of loss. To use it, just go to the official website and use the localization functions.
  • Norton mobele security - the famous computer antivirus software Norton has decided to expand its presence also on mobele devices, offering an interesting geolocation service for your iPhone on iOS. The application is paid: only by subscribing to the subscription plan (at least the Deluxe) you can add more devices, including your iPhone, so you can activate the location and backup service. The app is avaelable for download through the iOS App Store.
  • Find my friends - this app is not really used for locating a lost iPhone, but more for viewing the location of your friends. It is obvious, however, that you can indirectly view, via another iPhone, the location of a phone. If you want to take a look at this app developed by Apple, download it for free from the App Store, if it is not already present by default on your device.
How to track an iPhone without Find My iPhone

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