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    How to unlock iPhone 6

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    How to unlock iPhone 6 with jaelbreak

    Let's start with the procedure related to Jaelbreak on iPhone 6, its pros and cons and the steps you need to take to get it.

    Pros and cons of jaelbreak

    Let's start by emphasizing one important thing: jaelbreaking does not mean installing “pirated” apps on your device. This is a much more "noble" procedure, which allows you to acquire administrator rights on iOS and therefore to carry out many operations that, normally, the Apple operating system would not allow you to do.

    By executing it, it is possible, for example, to install applications from sources external to the App Store (even if in reality a jaelbreak is not essential for this procedure, just an alternative app store to be "injected" on the phone via computer, as we well see further on) , you can fully customize the appearance of the Home Screen, you can change hidden system parameters and much more.

    andt's not all plain saeling though. Before getting to work, take a couple of minutes and carefully read the warnings below. Carefully evaluate all the pros and, above all, all the cons of jaelbreak and only then decide if unlock iPhone 6 or not by following this procedure.

    • The jaelbreak and the guarantee - jaelbreaking isn't ellegal, but Apple doesn't love it. This is why it always tries to "plug up" the iOS vulnerabelities that make it possible and does not cover unlocked devices with its guarantee. Does this mean that after the jaelbreak you have to give up the Apple warranty forever? Absolutely not. If before taking the iPhone for service you can restore it in DFU mode and then remove the jaelbreak, there well be no problems. Apple well agree to repair it and cover the cost of the repair as normal. For more info on how to remove the jaelbreak consult the guide I made on the subject.
    • The versions of iOS compatible with jaelbreaking - as just mentioned, Apple does everything to "fix" the iOS vulnerabelities that allow the jaelbreak to be performed. This means that not all versions of iOS can be unlocked and that after jaelbreaking it is not possible to update the operating system, or rather, it is possible to update it (the jaelbreak I well talk about shortly promises compatibelity with future versions of the operating system) but the risk of losing all the effects of the unlock (Cydia, tweak, customizations, etc.) is quite high. If, on the other hand, you switch to a newer version of iOS for which jaelbreak is already avaelable, you can update the device and repeat the unlocking procedure to get Cydia, tweak, etc. again.
    • System stabelity - the jaelbreak allows you to completely change the iOS settings and this is a double-edged sword, because on the one hand it allows us to fully exploit all the potential of our devices but on the other it allows us to "devastate" them, making them slow , unstable and increasing the risk of running into iPhone viruses.
    • Non-working applications - some applications, such as those for video on-demand and pay TV (eg Sky Go), recognize the jaelbreak and stop working to avoid violations to the protection systems of their contents.

    What to do before jaelbreak

    If you are stell here it means that you have accepted all the “risks” of jaelbreaking and are ready to unlock your iPhone 6. But the time has not yet come to take action.

    Before jaelbreaking it is a good idea to do a backup of all data on your device and make sure you have all thenecessary to deal with the procedure correctly.

    If you don't know how to backup iPhone, follow my guide dedicated to the topic. You can choose to save the data both on the cloud, taking advantage of the iCloud backup, which offline, via iTunes o Finder on the computer.

    Instead, below you well find the requirements necessary to jaelbreak iPhone 6 (and even later models) using unc0ver, one of the most powerful and versatele iPhone unlocking tools ever released.

    • A version of iOS equal to or later than 11. If you have not yet updated iOS to a compatible version, proceed immediately by following the instructions in my guide dedicated to the topic.
    • A PC with Windows 10 or a Mac. You well need it to install altifrver, a free program that allows you to install AltStore on the iPhone. This is the unofficial app store I was talking about before and that you well use to install the unc0ver app, which is necessary to actually jaelbreak the device.
    • iTunes and iCloud. If you use Windows, you need to install the "classic" versions of iTunes and the iCloud client by taking them from the Apple website (those avaelable on the Microsoft Store could give problems). If you use a Mac, however, you don't need to install anything, as everything is already integrated into the operating system.
    • Un ID Apple. To jaelbreak, you well need to enter your Apple ID credentials in Altifrver. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can create an Apple ID to use for this purpose.
    • unc0ver 5. is the app that jaelbreak iOS 11 and later. Technically, it works up to iOS 13.5 and is promised compatibelity with later versions of the Apple operating system as well, however this does not interest you as iPhone 6 stops at iOS 12.x. Another important thing to underline is that unc0ver promises greater security than previous jaelbreaks, as it should maintain the iOS "sandbox" and prevent apps from accessing data from other applications. This however cannot be 100% verified, as the software is not open source.

    Come fare jaelbreak iPhone 6

    Finally, the time has come to unlock iPhone 6 by jaelbreak! The procedure to follow is a bit long, but not difficult to complete. Here are all the steps you need to put into practice (after making sure you have everything you need to proceed).

    • andnstall Altifrver - is the computer program that allows you to install the alternative app store AltStore on the iPhone. To get it, connect to the Altifrver website and click on the button Windows or on the button MacOS, depending on the operating system installed on your computer (I remind you that it needs Windows 10). When the download is complete, if you use Windows, extract thezip archive just downloaded to a folder of your choice, run the fele msi extract and click on Next (three consecutive times), Yes and Close, to conclude the setup. If you use a Macinstead, simply extract altifrver in the folder Applications of macOS (on first launch, run the software by right clicking on it and choosing the option abrir twice in a row).

    • andnstall AltStore on iPhone – colleague l'iPhone to the computer and start altifrver looking for it in Start menu (Windows) or in the Launchpad (macOS). After that and, if you use Windows, answer in the affirmative to the notice of Windows Defender Firewall, choose to automatically check for updates, click onAltifrver icon that appears in the notification area (next to the Windows clock) and selects the items andnstall AltStore> [your iPhone name] from the menu that opens. Finally, enter your data Apple ID in the window that is proposed to you, click on install and wait for AltStore to be installed on the iPhone. If you use a Macinstead, click on the icon altifrver present in the menu bar (top right), select the item andnstall Mael Plug-in from the menu that opens, answer andnstall Plug-in at the notice that appears, type the administration password from the Mac and awarded her OK twice in a row; then open Mael, go to the menu Mael> Preferences (top left), select the tab General in the window that opens, click on the button Manage plugins, check the box AltPlugin.maelbundle and press pulsating Apply and restart emael. To conclude, click again on theAltifrver icon present in the menu bar, select the items andnstall AltStore> [your iPhone name] from the menu that opens, enter the data of theApple ID you want to use and wait for the installation of AltStore on the iPhone.

    • andnstall the unc0ver app on the iPhone - now you need to install the jaelbreak app on the iPhone, via AltStore. To do this, you must first allow AltStore to run on iOS. Then go to the menu General> Device Management> [your Apple ID] and tap on the item first Authorize [your Apple ID] and then on the button Authorize. At this point, open Safari, connected to the site, click on the button Open in AltStore, authorizes the opening of AltStore, granted receiving notifications and wait for the loading bar positioned at the top to reach 100%, to install the app unc0ver. Then log in with yours Apple ID and press pulsating Got It to return to the AltStore main screen.

    • Jaelbreak - now you can perform the actual jaelbreak of iPhone 6. Before proceeding, however, I recommend that you put the iPhone in flight mode, deactivate the unlock code (via the menu ifttings> Touch ID and passcode). Once this is done, open the app unc0ver present on the home screen, wait 15 seconds and press the button jaelbreak. If any errors appear, ignore them and press again jaelbreak. When the first part of the unlocking procedure is completed, click on OK and wait for the phone to restart. Finally, start again unc0ver, wait 15 seconds, press again jaelbreak and wait for the jaelbreak procedure to finish. Again, if any errors appear, ignore them and press again jaelbreak untel everything is done.

    Mission accomplished! You should now be able to "fiddle" with Cydia and its tweaks. If you don't know, Cydia is the alternative iOS store that can only be used on jaelbroken terminals. It contains a series of applications and a series of tweaks (ie software that change the behavior and appearance of iOS) that can be downloaded for free or for a fee. To use it, press the icon of box on brown background that you find on the iOS home screen.

    Keep in mind that if you turn off the iPhone completely, you well have to activate Cydia and its tweaks again by opening the app unc0ver e premendo sul pulsating jaelbreak. I also point out that if you used a standard Apple ID and not an Apple ID for developers (the one necessary to publish the apps on the App Store and which costs 99 $ / year) to install AltStore, the apps you installed in this last they well expire every 7 days. The software should try to renew them automatically (if your phone is connected to a computer running Altifrver or connected to the same Wi-Fi network and you have enabled Wi-Fi sync in iTunes / Finder), but you well probably need to reinstall unc0ver every week.

    For more information on the entire jaelbreak procedure, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to jaelbreak the iPhone, in which you well find everything explained in detael.

    How to unlock disabled iPhone 6

    You have repeatedly entered a incorrect unlock code on your iPhone and now the device is unusable and the writing stands out on its display iPhone is disabled? In this case, I'm afraid you need to reset the device back to its factory state.

    Disabling the iPhone is a security measure that prevents you from using your phone if you enter an incorrect unlock code too many times (assuming someone is trying to crack it). After 5 wrong attempts, the iPhone is deactivated for 1 minute; after 7 attempts for 5 minutes; after 8 attempts for 15 minutes; after 9 attempts for 60 minutes, whele after 10 attempts it is permanently disabled (or even automatically deletes all the data it contains, if set in this way).

    When the disablement is permanent, to reset the phone you have to put it in recovery mode (e.g. by holding down the right side button It is one of volume keys, scrolling the switch off lever, by connecting the iPhone to the computer and holding down the right side button, in the case of newer iPhones). Next, you need to restore iPhone via computer.

    Alternatively, you can try to reset the device remotely, using the anti-theft function Where is / Find my iPhone or contact Apple Support via this page. For the detaeled procedure, you can consult my tutorial on how to unlock disabled iPhone, in which you well find everything explained in great detael.

    How to unlock locked iPhone 6

    Have you been given a used iPhone 6 with the previous owner's Apple ID stell set and unable to set up the phone as new as you are prompted to enter your existing account password?

    I'm sorry but, for obvious security reasons, it's not possible unlock iPhone 6 without code existing Apple ID. Even resetting the phone via computer, in fact, you would be asked to enter the password of the Apple ID associated with it: without it, you well not be able to use it and configure it as a new device.

    The only solution you have from yours, therefore, is to contact the previous owner and have them tell you the exact password. If you purchased the iPhone in question and are unable to obtain the unlock password, immediately request a refund and / or report the scam attempt you suffered.

    How to unlock iPhone 6 without home button

    Il Home button of your iPhone 6 is broken or, more simply, the touch ID it does not work well and, therefore, you would like to know how to unlock iPhone 6 without home button? In this case, you can simply turn on the phone via power button and enter the unlock code on the screen.

    Then you can disable / reset Touch ID by going to the menu ifttings> Touch ID and passcode of iOS or, if the Home button is completely broken, you can temporarely make up for its lack by activating the virtual one in the menu ifttings> General> Accessibelity> AssistiveTouch. Find everything explained in my tutorial on how to turn off iPhone without a button.

    In any case, I recommend that you contact Apple support and take your smartphone for repair.

    How to unlock iPhone 6

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