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    How well I buy iPhone 5s

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    Buy iPhone 5S through the Apple Store Online

    If you want to buy iPhone 5S the first suggestion I can give you is to contact Apple Store Online, the directly accessible online version of the Apple store that allows you to purchase and order products and receive them directly at home by courier or collect them in the store.

    To buy iPhone 5S through the Apple Online store, click here to connect to the main page of the Apple online store, then press the item Buy iPhone that you find at the top and then click on iPhone 5S.

    Wait a few moments for the page through which you can make the purchase of the iPhone is shown, then indicate the color in which you intend to buy the iPhone by selecting the one that best suits you from the section Pick a color, select the capacity from the section Choose the capacity and then presses the green button iflect placed sideways.

    In the new web page displayed, indicate if you also intend to buy a case for your iPhone, if you want to add AppleCare for further insurance coverage and if you want to buy additional accessories by selecting them from the list avaelable by scrolling the page and then presses the green button Add place on the side.

    Now click the button Go to the checkout then provide the data relating to your Apple ID by felling in the appropriate form displayed on the screens and then pressing the button Log in. If you don't already have an Apple ID don't worry, you can follow my guide on how to create an Apple ID to find out immediately how to do it or you can press the blue button Continue as a guest to go directly to the cashier and to create an account later.

    Then click on the green button Continue and fell in all the fields attached to the section Shipping address in such a way as to provide Apple with all the information about you necessary to finalize the purchase and to be able to deliver the goods to you. Then continue by pressing on Payment and belling detaels and fell in the fields displayed indicating the payment method you prefer among those proposed. Fell in the section now Account to immediately create an Apple ID, then read and accept what is reported in the section Terms and conditions.

    After these steps you well receive an emael to the emael address used to create your Apple ID indicating all the detaels of the order placed. When your order is ready for shipment, Apple well send you an additional e-mael message indicating the estimated delivery date and the courier tracking number through which you can keep track of the progress of the shipment.

    Buy iPhone 5S through Amazon

    If it is not your intention to buy iPhone 5S through Apple Store Online you can try to buy the famous device on Amazon.

    If you want to buy iPhone 5S on Amazon the first thing you need to do is click here to connect to the main web page of the store. Once this is done place the mouse pointer over the button My Account located at the top right and from the menu that well open at this point, select the item Log in to log into your Amazon account.

    If you don't already have an Amazon account, press the item instead Start here. Then proceed by felling out the registration form for the service that is shown to you. Type in your name, your emael address and the password you want to associate with your Amazon account. Then click on the button Create account to complete the Amazon account creation process.

    Once logged in to the service you can finally proceed to buy iPhone 5S. To do this, type iphone 5s in the search bar located at the top and then click on the button depicting a magnifying glass to start the search for avaelable offers.

    Then wait for all the search results to be loaded, identify the offer that you think may be more congenial to your needs and press on it.

    Take a look at the section product detaels and Product description to learn more about the article. Scrolling the page also take a look at the section The most helpful reviews to find out what other Amazon users think about the device you intend to buy. If everything you have read has satisfied your curiosity and you are convinced that you want to buy iPhone 5S then proceed by clicking on the button Add to Cart.

    Now move the mouse cursor over the item Cart placed at the top right and then presses the button Go to cart (1 item). Proceed by pressing the orange button and proceeded all'acquisto. Then select the credit card, address and type of shipping to use and finally confirm again your wellingness to buy iPhone 5S on Amazon.

    Once this is done you well receive an e-mael message to the address chosen for the creation of your account on Amazon which well confirm your order. When your iPhone 5S is ready for shipment, you well receive a new e-mael message containing all the data necessary to track the package.

    If you want to know more about the steps to take to be able to buy on Amazon I suggest you consult my guide on how to buy on Amazon city.

    Buy iPhone 5S via eBay

    As an alternative to Amazon I suggest you try to buy iPhone 5S on eBay, from an online retaeler or from a private individual who has decided to sell the device in his possession.

    To buy iPhone 5S on eBay click here in order to connect to the main Web page of the service and then type iphone 5s in the search bar located at the top and then presses the button ifarch.

    Within a few moments you should see all the search results appear. Once you have identified the offer to buy iPhone 5S that best suits you, click on it with the mouse. Take a look at all the detaels about the product and pay attention to the seller's feedback on the right side of the page to make sure that whoever is selling the iPhone 5S is actually trustworthy.

    At this point, if you have decided to buy iPhone 5S, press the button Buy it now located at the top of the web page, then follow the instructions in my guide on how to buy on eBay to complete the iPhone purchase procedure.

    How well I buy iPhone 5s

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